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I don't know if it's a New Year's resolution exactly, but I am trying to see the beauty in things more, so here we go.

Serious bummer of a week, with David Bowie going and now Alan Rickman - the latter more difficult for me because I actually met him for, you know, a minute once, and because Snape and all that - but it is great to know that they left so much beautiful work behind that we can enjoy. Still, waah.

Finally listened to the "Hamilton" soundtrack on Sunday (a day before Alexander Hamilton's birthday, which I know about because J. went to Hamilton College and we have a calendar from there which of course lists it, though I'm sure it was all over Tumblr too), and (of course) it was just as wonderful as everyone said, clever and wordsmithy and heartfelt and tuneful, and I'll be returning to it many times.

Had a grand jury session yesterday which finally after all these months brought out the "Oh my God why can I not tell anyone about this?" response, when an otherwise slightly interesting but repetitive investigation suddenly turned into film-worthy drama, oh it was fantastic and made me happy about people and their beautiful crazy instincts.

I posted my old Aubrey-Maturin crossover fic on my author website for Twelfth Night, and then inevitably started rereading The Far Side of the World, which is one of my favorites and O'Brian at top form, full of glorious words put together beautifully. Here is a bit where Stephen is in Brazil with a new Peruvian friend (the scene where he's first introduced to coca leaves):

In the event Lopez needed no hints. He spoke Spanish only with difficulty, and seeing that both his guests were fluent, even enormously fluent, in that language and that they agreed very well, he excused himself on the grounds of early work to be done and bade them good night, leaving them on a broad veranda with a number of domesticated creatures on it, marmosets of three different kinds, an old bald toucan, a row of sleepy parrots, something hairy in the background that might have been a sloth or an anteater or even a doormat but that it farted from time to time, looking round censoriously on each occasion, and a strikingly elegant small blue heron that walked in and out. Two bottles of white port stood between them, two hammocks hung behind, and Lopez returned for a moment to beg them to use the mosquito-netting. 'Not that we have mosquitos in Penedo, gentlemen,' he said, 'but it must be confessed that at the change of the moon the vampires do grow a little importunate.'

They did not annoy his guests however, since the vampire really needs a sleeping prey and these two (though eyed wistfully from the rafters) never went to bed. They sat talking all night, watching the sliver of the new moon go down and the procession of great glowing stars pass across the sky: bats of a more amiable kind, two feet across, showed briefly against their light, and in the river only a few yards below could be seen the star-twinkling wake of turtles and the occasional alligator: the lion-maned marmoset in Stephen's lap snored very gently, sleeping on and on despite the continual flow of talk.

Just to show that it is not all blue-water sailing in these books, glorious as that is as well. As an aside, which I may need to expand upon at some point, I am always bemused by the people who tell me that they tried O'Brian and couldn't manage him because of not understanding all the sailing terms - which, a) I still can't follow all of it despite multiple rereadings, b) neither can Stephen, c) why the heck do you have to understand every word of fiction that you read, instead of letting it wash over you in a beautiful haze? But this is perhaps one of those substantial personality differences that I will never get, even if I substitute me reading nonfiction and try to work from there.

Anyway, and finally. Not to locate myself in the next paragraph from Patrick O'Brian, but I am working on getting Not Time's Fool out (I need to force myself to do formatting and cover work this afternoon) and I did put up the teaser chapters if you are the sort of person who reads them. I am fascinated to see what people will think of this book - I am very pleased with it, in the end, but it is deeply weird in places (like when most of the characters sit down in the middle to start telling fairy tales) and all the book-long and series-long and otherwise-partial arcs tangling together make the structure a bit wonky, not to mention the chapter that covers seven months. But there are bits that I think beautiful. Hope some of you will too.
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Cross-post from blog (after deleting the panicked part of my last entry here):

It seems that I cannot put out a book without having some sort of formatting crisis. I really do learn from my mistakes, but somehow new curve balls are always thrown and I haven’t learned to hit them yet, or some other less sports-related metaphor. Anyway:

1) The print version of Time Goes By slipped by my screening with poorly-arranged margins, and ended up with no page numbers and a thin slice of text cut off the bottom of some pages. It is still readable – no words are missing – but the issues may be distracting. I just discovered the problem, and have uploaded a new and hopefully fixed version, so the book is currently unavailable until the review process is complete (a few days, if all goes well).

If you have purchased this less-than-perfect edition and want a replacement, contact me and I will send you one. I need to order them, so it’ll take a couple of weeks.

2) The ebook version is fine, but a minor and invisible formatting error made the EPUB version fail an automated check, which has delayed the distribution to retailers such as iTunes, Nook and Kobo. I am pretty sure I’ve fixed the problem, but am still waiting on Smashwords to confirm this. All ebook formats are available for download directly from Smashwords, if you want to go that way rather than buying from a retailer. The distribution will take a few days to a week once the new file passes inspection.

3) I’ll leave the ebook discount for Time for Tea and Time and Fevers in place through December.
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Shoulder problem turns out to be a pinched nerve, which was made pretty obvious on Friday when I woke up with most of the fingers on my left hand numb (they still are) but confirmed by the PA at the GP's office today. Have a bottle of muscle relaxants to go with the naproxen I'm already taking; at the very least, I'll sleep well. Pain has been bearable (I am too used to pain, really) but tingly fingers are annoying and a bit scary and make me feel asleep all over somehow, so I'm hoping something works; I have a PT prescription too if I need that. For this week at least, no Jazzercise, no walks (arm by my side, especially swinging, is the worst); I feel like a slug, but I've gone through all of Time Goes By again for final edits, and have some book reviews to do and other stuff like that. And ten pages of shoulder therapy exercises.

Bummed beyond measure about losing Robin Williams and Lauren Bacall in the same week (also waiting for the third one; they come in threes). She had a long life, and could make jokes about how much Bogie there'd be in her obituary; his wasn't nearly long enough, and I keep thinking that his illness would have prevented him from realizing what an outpouring of love and regret there'd be when he was gone. It sucks tremendously.

Currently reading a murder mystery with San Francisco character studies by Isabel Allende (Ripper), which I'm enjoying but in a way that I suspect will tug me back in the direction of formulaic genre when I'm done. Unless everything ties up neatly by the end, but I doubt it will. Also read Dominion by C.J. Sansom, which is a brick of a book in the Britain-capitulates-WWII-alternate-history category; the history (it's set in 1952) is very well thought out but the plot left a bit to be desired (someone who'd checked it out before me had written "WHY" in the margins in a few places, and I tend to agree). Also it was a large thing to hold up with tingly fingers. Next I probably need to read the African-American section in A People's History of the American Revolution (for Reasons).

There seems to be no other news my muzzy brain can think of, except that I must go drown many nasty beetles tomorrow before they can further devour my beans. Which are not in a hill.
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Show. Oh, dammit, show. That was not a thing you should have done.

Anyone who hasn't seen it yet *looks at [livejournal.com profile] penwiper26 and [personal profile] yunitsa* better not talk to me today. And I'd stay off Tumblr.

Commiseration and rage happening over at Person of Interest Chat.

thanks :)

Jul. 15th, 2013 05:31 pm
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Just wanted to say thanks to everyone for the kind comments because I can't answer them individually. You all are great. *sniffs*

Also, I will note that when you can't go to sleep after a horrible thing, the-episode-where-Harold-PANICKED-and-STOLE-A-BABY is excellent therapy (except for the part where Leila is in the bag making noises like a cat, but oh well).
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We lost our cat last night. That's him there, and in the DW icon (just saying, you may see a lot of Harold in a HAT instead for a while), and I may dig a kitten photo out later and edit it in.

We're not 100% sure what killed him, but the 24-hour vet thinks it was likely antifreeze. It was pretty horrible; I just hope he lost awareness early on. We'll be in shock for a while, finding evidence around the house, getting hit with it again. He'd been sick earlier in the week, most likely because of something entirely different, which I think prepared me a little, but not enough; he was better, dammit, and he was only 10. He had extra toes, and he tried very hard to speak words, and he chewed on our bed to wake us up and caught snakes and played with straws and snuggled magnificently. We'll miss him so much.

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