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Jun. 15th, 2016 08:32 am
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I figured just after the penultimate episode of Person of Interest was a good time to pop back in here. I've been busy, and not really feeling the fannish love for anything, but here's a brief TV wrap-up, and that's the right word, since so many of my shows have come to an end.

POI: I've enjoyed this season on the whole, or at least felt the usual mix of admiration and dissatisfaction. Last night's episode: I was operating on about two hours of sleep, so likely missed things, but the plot seemed to have taken several leaps past logic. Which is par for the course on this show: set things up for years, and yet have smart characters fail to take ordinary precautions or question stuff that seems weird. Anyway, next week will be it, and we'll all get over it - and I kind of want to write Machine-POV fic except that might mean having to watch too many episodes over again so I can figure out what was going on.

The Good Wife: Didn't love the ending, not so much because of the non-conclusive nature (I am all about that) but because of the it's-all-about-men thing, though I suppose that is thematically right, just really annoying.

Castle: Let's just pretend the last season or two didn't happen, or that we never found out all the backstage gossip, or that they had time to plan out the series finish.

Sleepy Hollow: Boy, am I glad I stopped watching this at the beginning of this season. Oy.

Agent Carter: Sorry that it couldn't keep going, but my investment in the Marvel-verse is pretty shallow anyway.

Elementary: Actually that was a pretty satisfying season. John Noble, aren't you glad you got killed off on Sleepy Hollow?

Orphan Black: Still enjoying this too. OMG Helena and her hat. And her deer.

I am going to try not to get hooked on anything else, and spend more evenings reading or writing. Or, you know, sleeping.
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Quick TV catch-up:

Sleepy Hollow: Almost like Katrina after last night's episode. Almost. Also, nice to see Frank again? I hope?

Castle: Back to form and they managed to find a new twist to keep things running a little longer. (Based on last week; haven't seen this week's yet.)

The Good Wife: And the Chicago canyons echo again with the refrain, "Kalinda, what the hell, no!" Also, I love episodes that require "we didn't know this would be in the news" disclaimers.

Elementary: Introducing new main characters and giving them storylines of their own is a good thing, people; season developing nicely. (I should probably note here that Ophelia Lovibond was yet another in the category of "where, oh where, have I seen that actor before? *checks imdb* Of course: 'Lewis'.")

Agent Carter: Watched the first two episodes of this; will probably keep watching. My main reaction is: it's just so satisfying. In somewhat the same way as Miss Fisher except with much more anger and fork-in-artery grit.

Person of Interest: On hold again until February, dammit. (Not that I begrudge the State of the Union, but otherwise grrr.) Good essay here: Why Person of Interest Needs to Continue Being the Gutsiest Show on Television. It's hard to remember sometimes that reactions are different outside fandom, but I'm not surprised that some viewers want it to go back to being the cosy procedural it never was. And probably hate Root/Shaw.

Couple of reading notes: Aside from finishing A People's History of the American Revolution, it's been mainly comfort reading. Among other things, I reread Lois Bujold's The Spirit Ring, which is an early stand-alone historical fantasy novel that I must have read originally after plunging through the Vorkosigan books. In that context it was a bit disappointing, but it's really very good on its own merits: the world-building is solid, the writing sings in places, and the characters are appealing. Seen retrospectively, it strikes some interesting notes with regard to the Chalion series, too.

Earlier in the month, to remove the taste of a dreadful Agatha Christie conspiracy thriller dealing with the misuse of an international youth movement, I reread some John Verney - anyone else here familiar with the Callendar series? ismo is the relevant one here, but the series starts with Friday's Tunnel - very fun 1960s British teenage adventures, which for some reason our local library possessed when I was a kid, and I later managed to procure copies for my kids (out of print alas and tend to be expensive). All of them use female POV, girls with real personalities and varied interests and a tendency to be irritable, and I'm glad to find I still love them (the books and the protagonists, especially February). If I ever do participate in Yuletide, I'll be sure to propose this series - there has to be someone out there who's read it.
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1) Got the second version of the TAF cover done and have submitted it for review. *crosses fingers* If it turns out okay I will be able to tell without a paper proof, so I can go right ahead then with uploading the ebook versions and have it all done by the weekend! *crosses legs, arms, and anything else that can be crossed*

2) The cold made me lethargic and snuffly over the weekend (and too tired to go out to see Captain America 2) but I'm on the mend now. Despite planting seeds in the rain yesterday after four hours of oh god why am I in charge here. It's really nice to be alone in a big garden planting seeds, even if it is raining.

3) I may, however, die at the hands of Person of Interest sometime in the next few weeks. If this three-part finale is good it'll be really good, in the painful way, and if it's not, it'll be painfully disappointing. *goes back to crossing things*

4) Other shows also good (not caught up yet on Elementary, but really enjoying season 2; marveling at how fine a show full of corpses in horses (and Jeremy Davies, yes!) and food-related insinuation can be; laughing at how much fun the 70s episode of Castle must have been to film; haven't seen latest Good Wife yet, but appreciating thoroughly how well they are handling this sequence of episodes after [spoiler]).

5) I am reminded that I have a Trope Bingo card and haven't written any fanfic in ages, and don't really feel like writing any, but maybe after the book is out I'll manage to at least get started on a bingo? Can't really write anything POI until the season is over, unless it's looking back. I have glanced at my Vorkosigan WIPs and nothing is leaping out at me. Perhaps something else will inspire.

6) What I really want to have time for is getting started on Book Five. It's beginning to feel ripe, in the way that pears don't.

7) However. *goes back to powerpointing*
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1) Three more inches of snow yesterday, and today it's cold and windy and whipping around white, but this is it, really. Somewhere out there a daffodil is blooming.

2) POI just average last night (I think; I was sleepy) but end of season still looks good (the finale is called "Deus ex Machina," yes they are going there). I am a bit concerned about Bear's self-discipline.

3) Also caught up on The Good Wife (for which I was spoiled, but still, a shocker) and Hannibal (less of one, and isn't that interesting?). And watching Elementary season one in downtime (rewatching, but since I fell asleep during every single episode the first time, defining it as such is debatable).

4) Up to The Ringed Castle in my Lymond reread. Funny how little I recall in detail from first read however many years ago that was, though general tone sticks very well. This one, recollected: a fair amount of bad weather, speculations on illegitimacy, and things that begin with L. On rediscovery: surprising amounts of politics and relevance to today's news. And an eagle.

5) Aside from that, it's all a blur of garden plans and powerpoints and seeds and formatting I really should get to and worrying about adult children's schedules. And taxes. (I have netted over $200 on the book so far, but all paid (or to be paid) in 2014 so nothing to be done about that at present. Except think more about marketing.)

6) I did join Pinterest, but have done very little about it so far except stick a whole bunch of Time for Tea-related images on a board. It's a mishmash of portraits and costumes and pistols and scenery and Japanese tea ceremony et cetera, and needs to be organized at some point. But I am intrigued by the idea of wrapping subject matter around imagery.

7) Have taken to spending some time each day working while standing. Looking forward to getting back to long walks when it's a touch warmer. Hope to be plotting Book Five while walking, this summer.
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1) The honeymoon phase of book release is here. When one's used to the quick turnaround of posting fic and getting feedback (like, minutes, sometimes *is amazed*), or even the slightly longer pause between sending book chapters to beta readers and getting thoughtful replies, the delay between publishing a book and people actually reading it (and telling you so) seems to last forever, but I had enough early adopters in there to keep me happy, and now it's Christmas (some weeks after actual Christmas, which has a lot to do with people not reading instantly right now what are you waiting for?). I was grateful to get a couple of DW/LJ signal boosts this week, but what's really surprising me is the response among my RL acquaintance, and it is so thrilling to go to a Master Gardener speaker's group preview meeting (which was really good on its own, actually) and not only have three separate people tell me how good my book was (one said she was up to 3:30 am finishing it, which - yeah, it's long, budget your time wisely), but watch two of them keep talking about it while I went out of the room. And then they followed me and kept saying nice stuff and wanting the next one now and asking questions and speculating on plot twists (and, huh. That particular misconception never once occurred to me. Wow). And I may have sold a couple more there, too; I'm glad I had business cards printed. Then home to get FB message from son's girlfriend's mother saying how much she was enjoying it. Harder times to come, I know, but for now, whee!

2) Both cats are sometimes now occupying the same room for periods of time, so progress. Boy, do they have different personalities, though. Should have named them Introvert and Extrovert.

3) Caught up on The Good Wife, and oh, do they keep hitting the gold. Perfect balance of comedy and dramatic tension, all the way through. My only complaint is that they don't quite know what to do with Kalinda this season, though I'm glad she and Cary are reigniting their whatever-it-is.

4) On a related note, I got a pedometer for Christmas, and am using Elsbeth Tascioni as a model for how to use it. 10,000 steps, here I come!

5) Watched the premiere of Intelligence (I like Josh Holloway; what can I say. Also Meghan Ory) but I doubt I'll keep watching, because it switches to its new time tonight - and okay, I will be watching Sleepy Hollow before, so who knows, but I doubt I can deal with another 10 pm show. And it was okay but didn't grab me in a big way. Also, that is so not Rock Creek Park.

6) I suspect this week's POI will be both a relief from the recent tension (in the crisis-of-the-week sense) and a gut-wrenching reminder of it (in the John-Reese-front-and-center sense). I still don't entirely trust the show, but maybe it can win me over again? Amy Acker and Sarah Shahi are so fantastic that I want everything to be written as well as Root and Shaw are, and there are lots of intriguing things going on, just… wish I had time to write fic to make Reese make sense, because I think that might do it. But this week, no. I don't think.

7) Rutabaga curling is a thing that exists. This makes me happy.

For the January posting meme, [personal profile] philomytha wanted to know what was the earliest fiction I'd ever written, and I'll try to answer to the best of my ability )
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I'm sort of caught up on TV shows now (not entirely on Castle yet, and obviously not on Breaking Bad), and the visual dump is having the usual where-did-I-see-you-last effect where guest actors are concerned. I was less affected in this regard by Aaron Staton in last night's POI, or by Lisa Edelstein on Castle, than by Warren Kole (last seen as Creepy Stalker Ian on the never-speak-of-this-again POI "Bechdel episode") turning up as a plot-significant FBI agent on White Collar, and getting coffee with Neal in Washington Square. Spotted there earlier: Sherlock Holmes and Joan Watson (I have only caught two Elementary eps this season, though). I really wanted them all to run into Harold and Bear.

Also, if Peter Burke gets the DC promotion, he should obviously move into the apartment Rick Castle found. I'm sure it's awesome.

So: White Collar and Castle gave me the same "not what I thought the season would be about!" whiplash effect regarding early plot developments (well, White Collar's was worse). Plus ça change, I guess. Once Upon a Time is the same old *headdesk*-ooh! combo, and I have no fannish urges about it (Captain Yawn) but I want to see what happens with Henry. Sleepy Hollow has sucked me in, even though I keep protesting with whimpers of historical inaccuracy. The Good Wife is just as beautifully tense as I could have imagined. And POI… if they are doing what it looks like they're doing next week (well, in three weeks, more likely), you'll be able to hear the fandom screaming from space.

Though not me, because I'll be watching the Nov. 26 episode probably five days late. Ack.
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First of all: oh, thank goodness. I really enjoyed Person of Interest last night; that is the show I've been looking for. WELCOME BACK, BABY. Oh, Shaw who has a heart hidden in there somewhere. And OMG Carter you badass.

In other TV news, my usual Tuesday afternoon exhaustion yesterday (I work really hard in a garden all morning, this time complicated by my hanging-on cold and chilly rain) led to sampling the first two eps of Sleepy Hollow, which I'd heard good things about. I like it, though I'm not sure I'll keep watching. It's one of those shows where you have to suspend disbelief hard, hard enough to... concentrate your mind wonderfully, and in this case I'm having difficulty. (And there are many other shows out there, and time is at a premium, etc.) I do love Abbie, though, and Crane is very restful on the eyes and ears. We'll see. Just... Horsemen of the Apocalypse, really?

The Good Wife is fantastic this season. I am fingernails-in-palms till next episode. Figuratively, or else I'd have trouble typing this. And boy, no horsemen at all, just law firm drama.

Have not watched White Collar premiere yet, nor any Castle; still slowly working through Breaking Bad.

We are traveling a lot this fall: Allentown this weekend, Houston two weeks later, Allentown and Massachusetts Thanksgiving week. Somehow in the middle of all that (and starting to prep next year's MG events already) I am still determined to bring out a book. Possibly not in time for maximizing Christmas sales, but I'm not sure it matters all that much. I'll do it when I can do it; there are significant dates it would be fun to aim for, but November 22 I'll be on the road and December 16 is... well, not too late really. Again, we'll see. (I think the next one coming out on April 30 would be amusing. It makes my already-filling-up calendar insane, but whatever. *makes note to get flu shot*) Meanwhile, I am sorting through teacup photos and hoping to launch a website... next week?

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1) Final big garden show-off event of the season tomorrow. And we are already planning next year's events, which is cool with me; I think I'll need the lead time.

2) I have, however, failed at posting every day on the garden blog. It's hard! Not so much finding things to say, as long as I accept the inconsequential and the inane, but remembering that it is a day and I have to put words online before it's over. Oh well.

3) Both having trouble remembering/scheduling and having trouble making decisions are symptoms for me of mild depression, so I'm watching out and moderating expectations. But it doesn't take much to get me revved up again, and I think what little time I have next week I'll use for working out more book details - I've done a lot; I need to fill in gaps and make a firm schedule now. And the following week Younger Son and I will hopefully be photographing a teacup on the rocky shores of New Hampshire.

4) In the meanwhile I've been editing Time and Fevers more, so that will be ready to go when Time for Tea is out. I think a few months' gap between is reasonable, and then a nice anticipatory wait for Time Goes By. I'm still taking out words; this is good.

5) In TV World, we've just barely started Breaking Bad s3; watched the opening episode of the new season of The Good Wife, which I thought hit the ball out of the park; and of course watched Person of Interest. The first two episodes of this season were strong for character re-introduction, nice ensemble moments, and setting up interesting potential conflicts. And I'm finally watching s2 of Once Upon a Time, which for some reason I dropped the ball on last year; I'm not fannish enough about it to care about being a year behind, and hey, now I finally get all the Lost jokes. :)

6) I'm making regular visits to the library to check out CDs; what they have is totally unpredictable, but it's free music and I am doing a lot of walking and weeding and other activities that require distraction (since I don't happen to be plotting a book at the moment, though I'll need to start that in the spring). There was this great ultra-nostalgic day last week when I picked up Rod Stewart's "Every Picture Tells a Story," which we had on vinyl when I was a teenager, and REM's "Document" and "Murmur" which are uselessly on cassette tape somewhere. Also the soundtrack of "Pippin." Music insinuates itself into your brain chemistry in a way nothing else does, and the physical reaction I have on hearing songs again always amazes me, and the way it stimulates memory, and how well I recall tunes and lyrics that should be long-vanished. Oh, and yesterday: Joni Mitchell's "Free Man in Paris" - wow, I hadn't heard that in *guesses* 25 years? And it's all there.

7) Current state of the Oh, Mr. Finch playlist under the cut, just in case you're interested.

albatross, blackbird, blue jay, bluebird, buzzard, crane, crow, cuckoo, dove, eagle, goose, heron, lark, nightingale, raven, rook, skylark, sparrow, vulture, wren, etc. )

8) I have finished all the Rivers of London books that are available in the US, and am tapping my fingers with impatience for February (I mean - February??) but I'll manage. So, any guesses on how Nightingale is related to Finch? *grin* Although the crossover I really want is with the Bryant & May books.

Wow, we just had a little rainstorm. I mean, really brief, and it won't make any difference to speak of in this drought (which has been unusually hard to adjust to after all the rain earlier in the season) but at least I don't have to water things today.
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We're up to "Je Ne Sais What?" in The Good Wife (or actually the one after that) and I enjoyed getting all happy about seeing Carrie Preston again. Absolutely screaming delightful.

(I was saying to [livejournal.com profile] penwiper26 the other day, I don't have sexual fantasies about Michael Emerson. (This is not to say I don't find him sexy. Because oh yes.) My fantasy about him involves sitting in first class (because why not) on a plane across the country talking about acting and writing and philosophy (I had just rewatched that "Philosophy of Lost" video) and somehow chocolate caramel crackers got in there but never mind. I would just like to discuss with him, thank you.

And it sounds shallow, but I'd love to go shopping with Carrie Preston. Not clothes shopping, but something like a quest to track down a rare foodstuff or a toy for someone's child. There you are, my exciting imagination laid bare.

I'd just like to hang out in their living room, okay?)

Anyway, to keep up with the Good Wife/PoI actor crossovers, somehow I missed Susan Misner as Mrs. Canning on her first appearance, but she got more screentime in the one about the mosquitoes in the swimming pools, so I got to say "Oh, it's Jessica!" and make another check. (Okay, new season needs Brett Cullen. Just saying.)

Can I also say how awesome Michael J. Fox is in this show? And his character? That they thought of a hyper-competent disabled lawyer who connivingly if rather blatantly uses his disability to score points, and went there, and then didn't stop with that in making him the bad guy? (Not that this show has them, exactly; one thing I love about it is that everyone who says nasty things about Lockhart Gardner is pretty much right.)

Also, oh Kalinda, what have you done and what are you up to? (Don't answer that.)
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A week from today we'll be waking up in Oakland, CA, in a hotel we haven't booked yet, any more than we've booked any other places we're staying in a week-and-a-half's journeys. This is sadly entirely typical (we are somewhat more organized when traveling out of the country, but only somewhat). J and I have a date to figure this out over tea this afternoon. If we're not elsewhere doing something else. I have a ridiculous list full of obscure items like "soak the bitter gourd seeds, do it NOW you idiot."

I did get the tickets to see "King Lear" at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival a week from Wednesday. Close to the last four tickets in the theatre, but still. (No one ever tells you some things are harder when your kids are adults, but scheduling family vacations is definitely one of those things.)

What we have been spending our evenings on, mostly, is mainlining "The Good Wife" - we're now more than halfway through season 3, and it only gets better. I did poke around on AO3 a bit (can't read much fic until we're caught up) and was both stoked and amused to note that Alicia/Kalinda is the most popular pairing. A fandom with femslash, wow. (Though I think Root/Shaw is going to be a big thing, if not up there with Finch/Reese. So happy about Shaw as a series regular.) (Also, the TGW/PoI actor overlap continues: since the last time I reported, Ken Leung and Michael Kelly have made appearances (and Carrie Preston is back, oh Elsbeth you dear thing). Michael Kelly was also (like many of these people) on "Lost," in one episode. He got run over by a bus. (wasn't him after all; guy looks just like him though!) I am eagerly awaiting his reappearance on "House of Cards," where I bet he's going to have a character arc of great subtlety. Or possibly continue to be blandly evil, which is equally delightful.)

Because of this commitment to the legal, political and personal adventures of Florrick and associates, we're way behind on everything else, and have multiple episodes waiting for us of "Doctor Who," "Castle" and "Mad Men." We did remember (at literally the very last second) to watch the finale of "Elementary" (what can I say, it's the show that comes after "Person of Interest" and that wasn't on) which I enjoyed quite a lot and almost didn't fall asleep during. I particularly liked the ending. Nearly all of my bullet-proof kinks come out of Aubrey/Maturin, and "naming a living creature after your friend" is near the top. (I am, naturally, trying to think of how this might translate to PoI. Could Finch come up with a stunning new bit of code and call its result "reesing"?)

As I said before, it's not that I don't like "Elementary," it's that it's on at 10 and I am beginning to be the little old lady who falls asleep in front of the TV. Which does not make me happy about the shift of PoI to Tuesdays at 10, but I guess I'll cope. I just don't understand why CBS makes this show so hard to watch, though. I'm perfectly willing to buy episodes of shows I can't see as they air; for some reason we can't get ABC to come in on our cable-less TV, plus the aforementioned 10 pm thing, so we have watched "Castle" entirely via Amazon Instant Video, and I mostly haven't regretted the money. And we watch cable shows this way too. Helps that our DVD player is programmed to work with Amazon and Netflix directly. But PoI is not available anywhere for money or legally free as it airs, which seems astoundingly impractical. *growls ineffectually at network*

Okay, time to go soak those bitter gourd seeds. Or do the blog post about the ridiculously-late-frost-related death of my Juliet tomato and Romeo pepper duo, titled "Never was a story of more woe."


Apr. 18th, 2013 09:57 am
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Bullet points. Or maybe something less gun-related. Numbers. Heh.

1) Never ceases to amuse me how fic type and rating impact hit count. (And how nobody cares that you use forms of "odd" twice in a paragraph, but I know that's just me.)

2) Along with writing smut, gardening is a good antidote for anger over senseless violence. Not that it actually helps anybody, of course. But I feel I have sort of a handle on spring now. And I'm teaching a class on Saturday. *updates resource list*

3) I meant to say here earlier that we're watching "The Good Wife" (because [personal profile] philomytha told me to, which is sufficient reason) and really enjoying it; have only just started season 2, so no spoilers please. It's nice to have something to watch that compels my attention but doesn't grab it and force its head underwater and then tie it up and leave it languishing on an anthill. Just saying. Great characters with believable dilemmas, excellent use and treatment of women, intelligent plots. Also entertaining guest stars - and striking overlap with PoI there, end of season 1 (Paige Turco and Amy Acker in one-shots, and Carrie Preston in a delightful recurring role).

4) I think I have a bit of a crush on Carrie Preston now. This is oddly convenient.

5) Although it's never going to come close to the crush I have on her husband. (Still haunting YouTube in spare moments. This is really very charming even though the video is missing for the second part.)

6) Listened to a Nerdist podcast with Jenna Louise Coleman that was really pretty bearable and fun. I'm not sure I've taken to her too much yet on DW, but she has a pleasant way about her. Next up to listen to there: Dominic Monaghan. Um I might listen to the Michael Emerson one again maybe too.

7) And I have a to-do list a mile long so I had better get going on that. Ta.

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