Aug. 25th, 2014

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1. Just finished a post called "Writing the Future" over on the author blog. I think I could have polished it up with more examples and the like, but I was getting that OMG-long feeling (along with the OMG-going-away-tomorrow one, see below). This will be followed eventually by the others I mention therein, the one on historical fiction, and the one on race. Eventually.

2. We are going to Cape May tomorrow for a few days, a typical vacation for us, meaning the sort you decide on and plan a week in advance. Then I am going on a road trip in the middle of September, me by myself, looping down to Charlottesville VA first for the Monticello Harvest Festival, and then proceeding northwards as far as Maine, taking in on the way some theatre and lots of gardens and a couple of historical markers (the John Andre-Benedict Arnold ones), and hopefully some undisturbed writing time. And picking up a bunch of nostalgically important books, the ostensible purpose of it all. I am foolishly more excited about this than about the October trip to Italy and possibly Croatia, visiting P. on his fall break (which, though we have more time to plan, still falls under the typical-for-us category. We were going to go in December, but this makes more sense in the end. Better weather, too).

In any case, it's a lot of being away from home. And a lot of logistics.

3. Should probably pop to the library so I have something to read at the beach. I was going to save Hild, but I finished it over the weekend. Loved it, and hope to articulate why at some point (when I catch up on Goodreads, if that ever happens).

4. This post about white privilege worked for me as an analogy, not perfect in some directions but extendable in others, and thoughtful, which is the most important thing.

5. Fingers still numb. Should call PT.

6. Many tomatoes! Speaking of which, lunch now...

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