Jan. 14th, 2015

hedda62: pay phone with "green roof" (phone)
"Control-Alt-Delete" actually got the fic-writing juices flowing, where all the shipping and anguish of the last episode failed to. So:

Fresh White Paint, Control-POV, 1077 words of mostly interior monologue. She's not code-named Control only because she gives the orders.

This came about because I started thinking what a boring trope it was that spoiler ), and then I considered it in context and words started happening. I probably have more to say about the episode and where the season's going, but this will do for now. Aside from "what do you mean, trilogy?" that is.

Managed to excuse myself from doing what I should have been because all writing is good, yes, especially when you've been somewhat blocked? And also writing Control will help me understand Ted. Uh-huh, self.

ETA: and because I have that eerie sense of timing, posted this right before AO3 went down - but it will be back as soon as Greer allows it.

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