Jan. 30th, 2015

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Having finished all the Miss Fisher there is (I am tickled at them managing a Christmas (in July) episode), I hooked my husband on Agent Carter and we are now watching new episodes as they come available. It's still fun, if not much more than that. (Unpopular Fannish Opinion: not that thrilled in general with the Marvel universe.) I do enjoy the heck out of every scene that Peggy and Jarvis are in together, not because I ship them but because I love the unabashed reversal of competence tropes.

We also started watching Scott and Bailey (liking it so far) and started - and finished - Broadchurch, behind the rest of the known universe as usual. It was very well done in all aspects including its exploitation of pathos - perhaps a bit shameful but narratively efficient and exciting. In fact, the narrative made such a lot of sense to me that I made an intuitive guess at the murderer a few episodes in, and knew I was right in the second-to-last episode; so much for unexpected twists. Am finding the existence of a second season a bit hard to comprehend, but I guess there can be more to the story; seemed perfect the way it was, though. (Also it was great fun to see David Tennant and Arthur Darvill on the same show at the same time, both of them with their little tics that occasionally bring Ten and Rory to mind. And to watch DT brood for Scotland.) (And of course Olivia Colman and Lesley Sharp both had their DW cameos as well - all these familiar faces…)

Sleepy Hollow continues to use manufactured conflict to poor effect, and I am sadly disappointed. Also sad about Elementary but not because the story wasn't well done.

That should be it - until new POI next week!!

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