Mar. 14th, 2015

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1) I meant to post yesterday (but didn't get around to it) after reading the morning's Writer's Almanac and noting that it was Janet Flanner's birthday. She was the New Yorker's Paris correspondent for many years, and I named my character Janet Lapinski after her (also after a lovely children's book in which the Bunny Queen is Janet, but that's beside the point). Because of the European connection, not because she was (apparently) bisexual, but hm.

2) I could also have noted as a result of the same entry that it was the anniversary of Sir William Herschel discovering Uranus, thus setting up many rude jokes, but I didn't.

3) Today, of course, is Extra Pi Day. I was finishing up a Jazzercise class at 9:26:53 this morning (yes, I did complete the Challenge and receive my relatively useless tank top, thank you). And I have pâte sucrée chilling in the fridge for a pumpkin pie. (ETA: forgot to note that, as my son pointed out on FB, a lot of theatre companies are celebrating by posting pics and quotes from Titus Andronicus, which is absolutely awesome.)

4) [ObSelfPromotion] You could all celebrate by reading The Opposite of an Epitaph, because it does mention pi. [/OSP]

5) Along with half the known universe, I should probably undertake a reread of Terry Pratchett. :( :( :( Actually there are several of his recent books I haven't gotten around to yet; it's sad to realize that this is now a temporary predicament. (Unless I pull a Desmond Hume and save one of them for my deathbed.) One wonders if Sir Terry realized ahead of time that everyone would eulogize him by pulling out the DEATH quotes - well, I'm sure he did.

6) Speaking of Desmond, I had all these shower thoughts the other day about Lost season 6, and exactly when, if you think about it logically, it becomes obvious that spoiler )

7) Have watched all the Scott & Bailey that is currently available in the U.S., which is through season 2. I do really want to find out what happens next, but can wait until the next season is released, which should be this summer. It's extremely entertaining and satisfying, though; there's little that's better in terms of female buddy drama, and lots of great opportunities to growl at the annoying menfolk (but also kind of sympathize with them, in places).

8) Really enjoyed this week's Person of Interest and am eagerly waiting to find out how it ties in to the season arc - hopefully it does? Considering the Control-centric episode earlier? I mean, I am never not going to like Michael Emerson being badass from a wheelchair, or having second thoughts about moral decisions, but I suspect there was more to it than "whoops, we never put this bit into season two." I'm loving this season in the sense of all the separate bits being meaningful and well-acted, but here and there I'm wondering at the connections, and I suspect this has to do with how the plot got reshuffled a bit after unavoidable cast changes. Do not know where they are going with John Gets Much-Needed Therapy, but I really don't think it's where everyone worries it's going.

9) There were probably five other things I was supposed to post about, but I'm sure they can wait, and I have to make the pie now.

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