Mar. 26th, 2015

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Reasons I have been somewhat dispirited of late:

a) Toothache that developed last week turned out to be an infection requiring a root canal. While waiting for that appointment, I took antibiotics that dealt with a lot of the pain once they kicked in (before that I needed to take a few of the leftover oxycodone from P's wisdom tooth extraction last summer) though of course necessitated also taking antidiarrheals, because that's how my insides roll. After a lot of mystery novels and "Lost," I got back on my feet Sunday, and even went to Jazzercise on Monday (though my ambitions of keeping up regular classes and adding in some of the weights-focused classes have been postponed). The surgery was yesterday (I really have to look up root canals to see what was going on - so much drilling for a tooth that's still mostly there) and I have to go back in two weeks to have it all done over again, because my dentist couldn't locate one of the canals, suspects it's blocked, and is trying to decalcify it with some substance working away deep in my jaw. It doesn't hurt much at the moment, unless I mistakenly bite on it, but the whole process is so boring, I am not getting stuff done, and the worst thing is that I haven't been able to tolerate hot liquids (I need to test this again, but it still feels likely) so no coffee, no tea, except the iced varieties. Chewing has not been especially wonderful either. I have been eating a lot of yogurt.

b) Spent over two hours Tuesday morning freezing my ass off at the demo garden, trying to orient the new MG interns; finally gave up and went home without planting cabbages (at least they got to go for a ride). It was not too cold for the cabbages, but it was too cold to kneel down and stick my hands in the soil. We continue to have regular little spurts of freezing rain and snow; today will be much warmer (so I'm planning to get those cabbages in) but tomorrow temperatures plunge again (there is talk of nights in the teens). Realistically this can't last much longer, and I would love another cooler than normal late spring and summer (while feeling guilty that the rest of the globe is suffering record highs), but at the moment it feels like winter won't let go. We do have crocuses finally though.

c) Person of Interest kind of sucked this week. Willing to discuss in comments, but right now I only have energy to say spoilers )

d) Still no writing progress - toothache is not conducive to plot-hatching. I am hoping to push myself to get some words down this coming week, in between lots of other stuff that needs doing. Green plants in the ground will help my mood. Also caffeine in a heated form, if that becomes possible.

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