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The ten inches we got a couple of days ago is melting fast, but I had Vienna Teng's "The Last Snowfall" humming sarcastically in my head for a while. Records for March have already been set, and there's a possibility of another storm next week (which may go north of us, and I am sorry for everyone up there; talk about pummeled). I love snow, and it's pretty out there, but really disconcerting, and I want my fingers in the dirt now thank you.

"Person of Interest" has now totally emerged from early season awkwardness and uncertainty of direction, and is headed to what I'm sure will be a bang-up finish to this arc. I thoroughly enjoyed last night's episode, especially the feeling of everyone playing on a team (Reese! Fusco! Shaw, oh Shaw you are awesome), and the delicate steel trap that is Root, and Finch gently and deliberately reaching out to disarm it. Michael Emerson and Amy Acker are so fantastic in their scenes together, and between them they make the Machine completely real and present, not to mention Samaritan. And I love the clockwork perfection of the Machine directing Root through her shenanigans, and how lost she is when cut loose.

Also, filming in the snow ha ha ha. Bet they didn't think it would still seem that close to the present moment when it aired. They all looked really cold.

Speaking of Amy Acker and her awesomeness, I finished "Angel," and overall really liked it, despite some unevenness particularly in the last two seasons (well, season 4 is mostly WTF territory, but there's some decent stuff there too). Having read about what was going on behind the scenes, I can understand the mess and the abrupt wrap-up. Not every show can be "Lost," alas.

We are caught up to current airing on "Hannibal," and although I'm not thrilled with the bloodlust, I'm enjoying the way the story is unfolding, and will keep watching to see where they go with it.

Working away on talks, book formatting, and garden planning: it will all get finished, and I hope not too much else slips through the cracks along the way. Trying to get as much inside work done as I can while waiting for the soil to be workable. Spring will be intense, when it comes.
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