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I'm sort of caught up on TV shows now (not entirely on Castle yet, and obviously not on Breaking Bad), and the visual dump is having the usual where-did-I-see-you-last effect where guest actors are concerned. I was less affected in this regard by Aaron Staton in last night's POI, or by Lisa Edelstein on Castle, than by Warren Kole (last seen as Creepy Stalker Ian on the never-speak-of-this-again POI "Bechdel episode") turning up as a plot-significant FBI agent on White Collar, and getting coffee with Neal in Washington Square. Spotted there earlier: Sherlock Holmes and Joan Watson (I have only caught two Elementary eps this season, though). I really wanted them all to run into Harold and Bear.

Also, if Peter Burke gets the DC promotion, he should obviously move into the apartment Rick Castle found. I'm sure it's awesome.

So: White Collar and Castle gave me the same "not what I thought the season would be about!" whiplash effect regarding early plot developments (well, White Collar's was worse). Plus ça change, I guess. Once Upon a Time is the same old *headdesk*-ooh! combo, and I have no fannish urges about it (Captain Yawn) but I want to see what happens with Henry. Sleepy Hollow has sucked me in, even though I keep protesting with whimpers of historical inaccuracy. The Good Wife is just as beautifully tense as I could have imagined. And POI… if they are doing what it looks like they're doing next week (well, in three weeks, more likely), you'll be able to hear the fandom screaming from space.

Though not me, because I'll be watching the Nov. 26 episode probably five days late. Ack.
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First of all: oh, thank goodness. I really enjoyed Person of Interest last night; that is the show I've been looking for. WELCOME BACK, BABY. Oh, Shaw who has a heart hidden in there somewhere. And OMG Carter you badass.

In other TV news, my usual Tuesday afternoon exhaustion yesterday (I work really hard in a garden all morning, this time complicated by my hanging-on cold and chilly rain) led to sampling the first two eps of Sleepy Hollow, which I'd heard good things about. I like it, though I'm not sure I'll keep watching. It's one of those shows where you have to suspend disbelief hard, hard enough to... concentrate your mind wonderfully, and in this case I'm having difficulty. (And there are many other shows out there, and time is at a premium, etc.) I do love Abbie, though, and Crane is very restful on the eyes and ears. We'll see. Just... Horsemen of the Apocalypse, really?

The Good Wife is fantastic this season. I am fingernails-in-palms till next episode. Figuratively, or else I'd have trouble typing this. And boy, no horsemen at all, just law firm drama.

Have not watched White Collar premiere yet, nor any Castle; still slowly working through Breaking Bad.

We are traveling a lot this fall: Allentown this weekend, Houston two weeks later, Allentown and Massachusetts Thanksgiving week. Somehow in the middle of all that (and starting to prep next year's MG events already) I am still determined to bring out a book. Possibly not in time for maximizing Christmas sales, but I'm not sure it matters all that much. I'll do it when I can do it; there are significant dates it would be fun to aim for, but November 22 I'll be on the road and December 16 is... well, not too late really. Again, we'll see. (I think the next one coming out on April 30 would be amusing. It makes my already-filling-up calendar insane, but whatever. *makes note to get flu shot*) Meanwhile, I am sorting through teacup photos and hoping to launch a website... next week?

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1) Final big garden show-off event of the season tomorrow. And we are already planning next year's events, which is cool with me; I think I'll need the lead time.

2) I have, however, failed at posting every day on the garden blog. It's hard! Not so much finding things to say, as long as I accept the inconsequential and the inane, but remembering that it is a day and I have to put words online before it's over. Oh well.

3) Both having trouble remembering/scheduling and having trouble making decisions are symptoms for me of mild depression, so I'm watching out and moderating expectations. But it doesn't take much to get me revved up again, and I think what little time I have next week I'll use for working out more book details - I've done a lot; I need to fill in gaps and make a firm schedule now. And the following week Younger Son and I will hopefully be photographing a teacup on the rocky shores of New Hampshire.

4) In the meanwhile I've been editing Time and Fevers more, so that will be ready to go when Time for Tea is out. I think a few months' gap between is reasonable, and then a nice anticipatory wait for Time Goes By. I'm still taking out words; this is good.

5) In TV World, we've just barely started Breaking Bad s3; watched the opening episode of the new season of The Good Wife, which I thought hit the ball out of the park; and of course watched Person of Interest. The first two episodes of this season were strong for character re-introduction, nice ensemble moments, and setting up interesting potential conflicts. And I'm finally watching s2 of Once Upon a Time, which for some reason I dropped the ball on last year; I'm not fannish enough about it to care about being a year behind, and hey, now I finally get all the Lost jokes. :)

6) I'm making regular visits to the library to check out CDs; what they have is totally unpredictable, but it's free music and I am doing a lot of walking and weeding and other activities that require distraction (since I don't happen to be plotting a book at the moment, though I'll need to start that in the spring). There was this great ultra-nostalgic day last week when I picked up Rod Stewart's "Every Picture Tells a Story," which we had on vinyl when I was a teenager, and REM's "Document" and "Murmur" which are uselessly on cassette tape somewhere. Also the soundtrack of "Pippin." Music insinuates itself into your brain chemistry in a way nothing else does, and the physical reaction I have on hearing songs again always amazes me, and the way it stimulates memory, and how well I recall tunes and lyrics that should be long-vanished. Oh, and yesterday: Joni Mitchell's "Free Man in Paris" - wow, I hadn't heard that in *guesses* 25 years? And it's all there.

7) Current state of the Oh, Mr. Finch playlist under the cut, just in case you're interested.

albatross, blackbird, blue jay, bluebird, buzzard, crane, crow, cuckoo, dove, eagle, goose, heron, lark, nightingale, raven, rook, skylark, sparrow, vulture, wren, etc. )

8) I have finished all the Rivers of London books that are available in the US, and am tapping my fingers with impatience for February (I mean - February??) but I'll manage. So, any guesses on how Nightingale is related to Finch? *grin* Although the crossover I really want is with the Bryant & May books.

Wow, we just had a little rainstorm. I mean, really brief, and it won't make any difference to speak of in this drought (which has been unusually hard to adjust to after all the rain earlier in the season) but at least I don't have to water things today.


Sep. 29th, 2013 09:50 am
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If there are any more guesses on the music meme, throw them at me; I'll post answers in a couple of hours. [ETA: here.]

New Good Wife tonight! And on Thursday I'm afraid I extended my record and fell asleep during "Elementary" yet again. Clearly one ten p.m. show a week is all I can take. I also fell asleep, sort of, during a performance of Moliere's "Don Juan" last night by DC's one and only commedia dell'arte troupe, who are usually wonderful but a bit slow-paced for this one, and besides I was tired and had a headache. We also went to a craft festival and had Korean tacos at Union Market, and the show was at Gallaudet (which is an eerily silent college campus, though I'm sure the signing is raucous), so a nicely-contained city excursion.

Have finished season two of "Breaking Bad." I hate everybody and I don't want to stop watching.
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So I am doing the "post every day for a month" thing, but not here: over at my gardening blog. You are welcome to follow along if you're interested, but on the fannish side all you really need to know is:

Also I quickly solved the "so many daffodils how can I ever decide" problem by (some people who know why will laugh here) choosing the ones named after birds, so I have ten each of Quail, Curlew, Jack Snipe, Dickcissel, Falconet, and Pheasant's Eye.

I like to think that is what Harold would do. If he were planting narcissi, which is vanishingly unlikely.

Otherwise I am working at a long list of random things that include mailing my son a teacup and baking a leek quiche. And I have to drive to the Eastern Shore and back tomorrow, oh joy. At least it's not a Friday.

I've put a few more words in the Henry Gale fic, but it just doesn't seem to be the foremost thing on my mind just now.

Oh, and also we are finally watching "Breaking Bad" - had seen the pilot ep last year, but it didn't grab me enough. I'm not sure it does, still, in terms of the story or characters (I think I've expressed here before how little the criminal POV intrigues me), but the storytelling is fascinating, so I will keep watching for that, plus it makes me laugh. About halfway into the second season now; please do not spoil me (anymore than I have already been spoiled by, you know, being on the internet).
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Whoa, it's September; how did that happen.

We're getting a late (probably not last) gasp of actual summer, and I came home from yesterday's putting-in-the-fall-garden session soaked through and filthy, but all I need to do today is stop by and water if it doesn't look like rain. Probably will be driving over to some obscure corner of VA to have lunch - third time eating out this week, but it is the week that contains both my birthday and our anniversary, so. Had anniversary dinner (26th, if you're wondering; it impressed the waitress) at a place that specializes in cocktails, so had a thing with bourbon and peach and hot peppers called a Back Porch, and then a Ginger Rogers, which I think is going to be my "cocktail I can make without looking at the recipe" after a few more tries. I made ginger simple syrup the day after, and produced a version of the drink, though we had no ginger ale so I made it with ginger beer, and yum. I think this is a sufficiently different recipe that I can name it, therefore: Backwards and In Heels.

I have practically a mint lawn on one side of the house now, so can make All the Mint Drinks Ever.

Working away at the really-now-final edit of Time for Tea, taking out unnecessary words, and happily falling in love with my characters all over again. Need to make a list for the next steps. Under the cut, a bit from chapter 12 I've always been fond of (slight spoilers and relative incomprehensibility; the "bastard son of a sacked stable boy" does have a reference point).

minuet )

Tumblr is still fun, but I have decided the rule is: the more clever I think a photoset is, the less likely anyone is to reblog it. (If you want to know: this and this.) Or maybe it's just: nothing gets reblogged unless it's tagged "Michael Emerson." Whatever. I am happy to post All the Ben Linus Ever, With Side of Harold Finch, but there are going to be bits of paper and parallelism and obscure quotes floating around too.

I'm just surprised I'm actually doing anything there. It's like the good old days when I ferreted out all the animal imagery in the Vorkosigan novels. Obsessive latching-on-to-specifics fandom, enabled by the ease of posting visuals.

Up through episode 10 of "Orange is the New Black" and still enjoying it. The plot arcs are somewhat predictable and yet compelling (or maybe it's "predictable and compelling" - being able to guess what's going to happen when it's a thing that appeals to storytelling sense is good, yes?) and I'm fond of a number of characters. Red and Crazy-Eyes are my favorites.

Reading (finally) Rivers of London, or Midnight Riot as it's called in the US for some unknown reason. Will report later.

And that is enough for now!
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Yesterday went: walk around Trexler Park twice, muffin and smoothie (no coffee because driving between insufficient rest stops, daaaark chocolate instead), three hours behind the wheel singing music about time and birds, collapse at home with sciatica and a slight migraine, post Tom Lehrer lyrics and Brett Cullen snaps (it was his birthday too!), discover that [livejournal.com profile] penwiper26 sent me a "Person of Interest" button yay, pick up hubby from Metro, unwrap all the Navajo jewelry he got me in Arizona, go out for Thai food, talk about the kids who both started classes that day. Then came home and:

a) read lovely story [personal profile] philomytha wrote me about Simon and Alys.

b) (not unrelatedly) watched first two episodes of "Orange is the New Black." Which I like (especially Kate Mulgrew, OMG) not least for the way it moved through the slightly-itchy "our perspective character is the pretty blonde white girl DUH" into a complete self-awareness of that trope ("I've only spoken to white people!"). And I think I'll keep liking it. But wow, what a year for shows featuring women - "Orphan Black" and I can count "The Good Wife" since I only started watching it this year. And PoI achieving something close to parity.

Speaking of which, [community profile] pofinterest_chat is active and chatting about PoI!

And now my coffee is done so I must pack plants into the car and go off to the garden. TTFN.
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Things that are pleasing me:

1) Apropos of nothing other than that I'm listening to it a lot, I now have 42 songs in my "Oh, Mr. Finch" playlist, covering the following: albatross, blackbird, blue jay, bluebird, crane, crow, cuckoo, dove, eagle, goose, lark, nightingale, raven, rook, sparrow, vulture, and wren; also chick in the sense of female human; also generic birds and flying; also occasional airplanes. :) I need to add "Green Finch and Linnet Bird" but I keep saying "it's on an LP, I will mp3-convert it" (because I'm not going to buy something I already have, am I now) and then not getting around to it (the process requires that I click a button at the end of every song, which means not straying far and not doing anything too distracting. ("And the bitch of it was, I only had 108 minutes to bury the poor bastard.")).

2) The weather is altogether lovely this week, just what summer should be and what it so seldom is. I can actually take a walk in the afternoon.

3) I did a thing today on Tumblr that people liked. I'm not sure what else I will do there (quote of the day, maybe?) but it is certainly an entertaining place and I must stop myself from refreshing the page all the time, dammit.

4) I had a POI story idea that might work and have started writing it down. Also must work on Vorkosiverse promptfic that I know the beginning of but little else. Also yes I know the book; I'm giving myself another week to make decisions.

5) I am really enjoying "Orphan Black" and, in small doses, "Welcome to Night Vale."

6) Also I continue to be very appreciative of the existence of Michael Emerson. (And colleagues.)

I think that's enough to be going on with.
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Over a piece of toast before heading out to the community garden (which I will do in just a moment) I read this story about spoilers in Sunday's Washington Post, which I guess counts as a spoiler in itself (much of the Sunday paper gets delivered on Saturday).

Warning before you click: contains spoilers for a number of TV shows you may not have watched. Also calls the spoiler epidemic that follows from adoption of new technology a "first world problem," which, you know, it totally is. But people have strong feelings about this sort of thing.

I tend to be spoiler-averse, though I'm not panicky about it and it depends on the context. I'm amazed and glad that I managed to remain mostly unspoiled about "Lost" until watching the remainder of it this spring (I did know about a few of the deaths, because you can't help seeing people's OH NOs all over the internet, but not the details, and not most of the plot). Which is part of why I try not to reveal its spoilers myself, so the remarkable number of people I know who haven't watched it can enjoy going ACK! just as I did if they so choose. But most of the time I recognize that if I'm watching a show years after it aired (or months, or days even) I'm going to hit some spoiler bumps, and sometimes (see "Angel") I just want to read a summary and get on with betaing people's fics. (Someday, [livejournal.com profile] penwiper26, I will watch the rest. Maybe while you're watching "Lost.")

So I try to remember to warn if discussing or writing fic for something other people may not have seen or read, whether for minor insignificant spoilers, spoilers that really matter, or spoilers that will be so incomprehensible they may not matter but you won't get anything out of reading the thing they're in. (A lot of things are in that last category, including the story I posted yesterday. Well, it's in categories two and three, I guess.)

I know some people care more than I do, and some much less. I'm also the sort who likes to approach book series or TV episodes in order, and I'd think that goes with wanting to avoid spoilers, although the two may not overlap completely. There's the jolt of discovery at important plot junctures, and then there's just wanting to learn about characters and happenings in a logical progression. Sometimes I can deal with "I know this character dies in season 3, but aside from that I want to view his arc as it's presented, with all the details that make him real and will make me regret him when he goes." And of course sometimes you want to anticipate big deaths and betrayals so they won't hurt so much. I certainly like going back and rereading/rewatching while knowing that the Big Reveal is coming, because foreshadowing's better after the fact. :)

The point of the article, I think, is that we're going to have to deal with this, more by getting used to be spoiled than by developing new etiquette for letting out secrets - though as usual the fan community is well ahead of the water cooler community in both these respects. I've done spoiler space and spoiler cuts and taking communities off the reading list, and I've also developed a quick-skimming gaze and a thicker skin, but in the end you just have to learn to be polite, tolerant and accepting, which is a good way to get through life in general. (Spoiler: we all die in the end, and it doesn't matter terribly much that you found out about Lady Sybil by reading the Health section.)
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A week from today we'll be waking up in Oakland, CA, in a hotel we haven't booked yet, any more than we've booked any other places we're staying in a week-and-a-half's journeys. This is sadly entirely typical (we are somewhat more organized when traveling out of the country, but only somewhat). J and I have a date to figure this out over tea this afternoon. If we're not elsewhere doing something else. I have a ridiculous list full of obscure items like "soak the bitter gourd seeds, do it NOW you idiot."

I did get the tickets to see "King Lear" at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival a week from Wednesday. Close to the last four tickets in the theatre, but still. (No one ever tells you some things are harder when your kids are adults, but scheduling family vacations is definitely one of those things.)

What we have been spending our evenings on, mostly, is mainlining "The Good Wife" - we're now more than halfway through season 3, and it only gets better. I did poke around on AO3 a bit (can't read much fic until we're caught up) and was both stoked and amused to note that Alicia/Kalinda is the most popular pairing. A fandom with femslash, wow. (Though I think Root/Shaw is going to be a big thing, if not up there with Finch/Reese. So happy about Shaw as a series regular.) (Also, the TGW/PoI actor overlap continues: since the last time I reported, Ken Leung and Michael Kelly have made appearances (and Carrie Preston is back, oh Elsbeth you dear thing). Michael Kelly was also (like many of these people) on "Lost," in one episode. He got run over by a bus. (wasn't him after all; guy looks just like him though!) I am eagerly awaiting his reappearance on "House of Cards," where I bet he's going to have a character arc of great subtlety. Or possibly continue to be blandly evil, which is equally delightful.)

Because of this commitment to the legal, political and personal adventures of Florrick and associates, we're way behind on everything else, and have multiple episodes waiting for us of "Doctor Who," "Castle" and "Mad Men." We did remember (at literally the very last second) to watch the finale of "Elementary" (what can I say, it's the show that comes after "Person of Interest" and that wasn't on) which I enjoyed quite a lot and almost didn't fall asleep during. I particularly liked the ending. Nearly all of my bullet-proof kinks come out of Aubrey/Maturin, and "naming a living creature after your friend" is near the top. (I am, naturally, trying to think of how this might translate to PoI. Could Finch come up with a stunning new bit of code and call its result "reesing"?)

As I said before, it's not that I don't like "Elementary," it's that it's on at 10 and I am beginning to be the little old lady who falls asleep in front of the TV. Which does not make me happy about the shift of PoI to Tuesdays at 10, but I guess I'll cope. I just don't understand why CBS makes this show so hard to watch, though. I'm perfectly willing to buy episodes of shows I can't see as they air; for some reason we can't get ABC to come in on our cable-less TV, plus the aforementioned 10 pm thing, so we have watched "Castle" entirely via Amazon Instant Video, and I mostly haven't regretted the money. And we watch cable shows this way too. Helps that our DVD player is programmed to work with Amazon and Netflix directly. But PoI is not available anywhere for money or legally free as it airs, which seems astoundingly impractical. *growls ineffectually at network*

Okay, time to go soak those bitter gourd seeds. Or do the blog post about the ridiculously-late-frost-related death of my Juliet tomato and Romeo pepper duo, titled "Never was a story of more woe."
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I'm going to finish this fic today if it kills me. (Which would be rather inconvenient.)

There are moments when I laugh and feel like doing that meme again where you list "ways you can tell you're reading something by [me]" especially when I write a sentence with nine "and"s in it:

"Oh, John," is all he says, and John translates thank you and how foolish can you be and I don't deserve you and I'm never going to tell you why, and he wants to rise up and pin Harold to the chair and kiss him unmercifully and squeeze the self-pity out of him, and he doesn't move.

(By which you can tell that I didn't resist Finch/Reese, although I think it's going to be self-restraint right down the line. But don't hold me to that. This is not a week for story structure and predictability.)

In completely unrelated fannish news, it's not like my husband is particularly tuned in to how fic works, but he does come up with great crossovers sometimes; out of the blue he proposed Doctor Who/Mad Men and after some discussion we agreed that Joan would make the most awesome companion in the history of ever, and now I want someone to write that. But not me.


Apr. 18th, 2013 09:57 am
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Bullet points. Or maybe something less gun-related. Numbers. Heh.

1) Never ceases to amuse me how fic type and rating impact hit count. (And how nobody cares that you use forms of "odd" twice in a paragraph, but I know that's just me.)

2) Along with writing smut, gardening is a good antidote for anger over senseless violence. Not that it actually helps anybody, of course. But I feel I have sort of a handle on spring now. And I'm teaching a class on Saturday. *updates resource list*

3) I meant to say here earlier that we're watching "The Good Wife" (because [personal profile] philomytha told me to, which is sufficient reason) and really enjoying it; have only just started season 2, so no spoilers please. It's nice to have something to watch that compels my attention but doesn't grab it and force its head underwater and then tie it up and leave it languishing on an anthill. Just saying. Great characters with believable dilemmas, excellent use and treatment of women, intelligent plots. Also entertaining guest stars - and striking overlap with PoI there, end of season 1 (Paige Turco and Amy Acker in one-shots, and Carrie Preston in a delightful recurring role).

4) I think I have a bit of a crush on Carrie Preston now. This is oddly convenient.

5) Although it's never going to come close to the crush I have on her husband. (Still haunting YouTube in spare moments. This is really very charming even though the video is missing for the second part.)

6) Listened to a Nerdist podcast with Jenna Louise Coleman that was really pretty bearable and fun. I'm not sure I've taken to her too much yet on DW, but she has a pleasant way about her. Next up to listen to there: Dominic Monaghan. Um I might listen to the Michael Emerson one again maybe too.

7) And I have a to-do list a mile long so I had better get going on that. Ta.

fried rice

Mar. 31st, 2013 05:24 pm
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I'm not sure what kind of Easter (besides Jewish) is constituted by Chinese takeout, bread-baking, writing fanfic and watching "Lost," but I'm loving it. (There would have been gardening in there, but it rained.) I'm home alone with the cat (menfolk in NYC) and there's still vinho verde, Ben & Jerry's, and possibly hot tub on the agenda.

And yeah, I am a sorry enough Emerson fangirl now to have gone back to a show I gave up on in the third season because I was tired of the whole "let us tease you with our mysteries" thing. I am enjoying the hell out of every shot of his dear bug-eyed face.

Also having fun with the fic, which is called "Halcyon" for what I hope are fairly obvious reasons (although I don't think kingfishers sort themselves into threesomes). It'll be done when it's done; I don't think this week's episode is going to joss it (in the sense that something so totally unlikely could be jossed at all).

after the last quoted bit, though having skipped the vomiting )

Words. <3
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Still alive (if still snuffly and limping off and on), still writing "Goshawk" (I had a total this-plot-makes-no-sense breakdown and rethought everything, but I am determined to get it done this week, which probably means next week). Other matters of note:

* No snow at all from Nemo (fish with captain's hat, check), some snow-envy of those to the north, but not much really. I can see spring in the distance, like the headlights of an oncoming train.

* Did my three-hour stint in front of the new Master Gardener class, who did receive me well and generously, mostly by glomping me with questions. I'll do it again next year if asked, and have some ideas about how to make it better, but OMG was I exhausted. This week I must produce 1) a powerpoint about container gardening for a talk next week, 2) an outline for a talk I'm giving in March, 3) a list of what we're growing in the demo garden this year, 4) an organized seed-starting plan, and 5) hopefully something for the GIEI blog (my personal one having been ignored since November, I think). See above about "Goshawk." Also about headlights.

* Still falling into a little "West Wing"-watching brain-dead heap mid-afternoon most days. This may be due to the Cold That Won't Die or to my plunging thyroid hormone numbers (my endocrinologist and I are uncertain, but I'm off the anti-thyroid meds totally now and may need to go the other way depending on results over the next six weeks). Anyway, I'm up to the end of season six, the Santos-Russell battle at the convention, and enjoying it thoroughly the second time around.

* We're also watching the new "House of Cards" on Netflix, which is a little disorienting with the above, but well done. Kevin Spacey is no Ian Richardson, but he is his own evil nugget of fun.

* Not caught up on "Lewis" yet. Trying to ignore the squeals of delight erupting from the flist. I'll get to it soon. No "White Collar" this week (preempted not by the State of the Union but by the Westminster Dog Show); again considering the political drama immersion, I'm amused at the senatorial corruption theme common to it and "Castle." (Crossover potential like wow.) "Person of Interest" was only okay last week (it had that "written by committee with one foot in last year's headlines" feel) but considering the wild ride of episodes before that we needed a break. And I have no earthly clue what they mean to do with the upcoming plot. Which is lovely. Oh, Mr. Finch.

* Yummy themed dinner last night at a local brewpub, with four courses each matching one of their own beer offerings (our neighbors' son is assistant brewer) to the food, which was created from a list of presumed aphrodisiacs. ("Nobody knows about the Doctrine of Signatures!" Liv Nash cries in my head.) Frankly, I just felt stuffed and buzzed and (as usual) tired, but it was all delicious.

*waves and collapses*
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Very unsettled weather today, cloudy and gusty and unseasonably warm, with a cold front coming in. Looks like torrential rain and thunderstorms later (thunderstorms! in January!) but for now it's rather lovely, if you have odd tastes in weather like I do.

The "Sparrow" sequel now appears to be called "Goshawk," with the falconry aspects explicitly implied if not, obviously, explicitly present. Because Simon is totally a yeoman (in several senses, according to my personal fanon).

I'm still mainlining "West Wing," and am still, a few days after watching it, mulling "Posse Comitatus" over in my head and wondering how they stuffed so much into it so gracefully. (Also I have "Hallelujah" earwormed; not so much the song (scroll down) that the post title's from, but just to show you: birds and yeomen, turning up everywhere.) [livejournal.com profile] penwiper26 and I were talking about the Bodyguard Plot and its emotional manipulation - which, yes, but I don't mind being manipulated when it's done so well. And I'd actually forgotten what happened, so none of the gut-punch was lost on rewatch. It doesn't help, of course, that the bodyguard in question is named Simon. Not that Mark Harmon could play Illyan; he's clearly born for the role of Special Agent (see NCIS) and part of the point of Illyan is that he isn't.

Okay, a little time to try to whip this scene into shape and then send what I have to beta, so I can do all the other stuff I have to do before writing the final scene. This is going to be another Exciting Espionage Yarn Set Entirely In People's Offices, but I can't help that now. And the sense of helplessness to intervene is thematically pervasive. I hope.

*flails and then goes back to work*
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Still sick. It got very cold and gloomy this week, which didn't help.

On season three of the "West Wing" rewatch, which demonstrates the number of hours I have been too bleh to get anything else done. Also welcomed back "White Collar" this week; very glad to see Peter and Neal... drink whisky and utter platitudes, but still, Peter and Neal!

Very much looking forward to new "Person of Interest" soon. It's been deliciously tense and complex of late, and I anticipate more of the same coming up. For the benefit of anyone still intending to jump into this show, I'm not withdrawing the complaint that it's a bit slow to get started (although, having gone back to rewatch the opening eps, I now see much more in them, but the subtleness of the acting choices doesn't necessarily register at first glance), but it more than makes up for that later on, and the second season has been a flurry of gut-punches in true Reeseian style.

No progress on the "Sparrow" sequel front, though; all the energy I have this week has gone into PowerPointing and garden planning. And there has not been enough of it.

I've watched the first of the new season "Lewis," um, stories (first two episodes, that is), but not the third ep/second story, due to initial Downloading Fail. I'll get to it. I liked the first one, especially the Neck Brace on the Mantelpiece aspect.

And I have decided that instead of watching "Downton Abbey" any longer, I am just going to read the xojane recaps, since that is much more entertaining.

There you have it, my life in visual entertainment and inertia. There will, I hope, be an end to fatigue and snot eventually (so I can get back to complaining about creaky knees).
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... did not brave the inauguration this time (I thought about it, briefly, but it's quite cold outside and I'm still sick (over four weeks now, what's up with that?) and despite some knee improvements I sincerely doubt I could have walked from the Metro to the Mall). I did watch it on TV. Not quite as impressive as last time, although since the frisson of standing somewhere in back of the Washington Monument with a million other people is lacking, it's hard to judge. (Frisson in both senses; it was pretty damn cold then too. And yes, Alys Vorpatril is affecting my vocabulary. Not that I've managed to write more than a few paragraphs more of the scene.)

This week I've succeeded in getting stuff done in the mornings, and then by mid-afternoon I've pretty much crashed and settled down to Netflix (moving on from "Doctor Who" to "The West Wing," because hey, timely. And OMG, baby Elisabeth Moss. And all of them. *love*). I am really hoping I can shake this thing off soon, because that rate of accomplishment is not sustainable in the long term. But for the moment I'm on track for the bare necessities.

Okay, a cup of tea and the end of season one are calling me...
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I'm going on another trip tomorrow, this one by car. First to Longwood Gardens in Kennett Square, PA, and then the next day to Allentown to pick up P., and then to Massachusetts and New Hampshire to visit the folks. And then back, possibly all in one day, but if I am bushed I'll stay in A-town overnight and get back on Wednesday.

I was hoping to have this story ready at least for beta by now, but it's not; however, I am taking my laptop and will have some time, at least tomorrow night at the hotel, to work on it. I think it's going well.

It is the kind of story where I am really glad to have the Internet. How did we ever write without online thesauri and Wikipedia lists of English words with French origin, I ask you. It will also provoke one of those long entries about influences and process when I post it. But that is not now.

We watched "Endeavour" last night (the one about young Morse). It was great fun. Also watching "Person of Interest" which [livejournal.com profile] yunitsa assures me will come into its own in a few more episodes. I am actually very fond of Harold Finch (not his real name) already. Tonight we'll probably watch the new "Castle" episode since the new "Homeland" one isn't available yet. So many shows! I need to catch up on "Once Upon a Time" too. And I still haven't watched the O'Reilly-Stewart debate.

Okay! To bed early tonight, I should think, and I hope sleep happens.


Oct. 5th, 2012 07:08 am
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I am writing another story.

*ahem* Own your obsessions, woman. I am writing another Vorkosiverse Simon-POV story. It claimed me yesterday afternoon and I have barely started typing, but possibly will get more done today. It may not work, but if I can pull it off, it's going to be gorgeous. And that is all I had better say about it. Or about anything else related to writing (George is not even speaking to me).

I'm beginning to wonder if creative obsessions are a side effect of hyperthyroidism. But nah. I'm like this all the time (just not always so efficient at it).

In other news, last night we finished watching the first season of "Homeland." (This is not obsession, really, though I must admit my totally-fictional baseline is now the couple on "Portlandia" who watch all of "Battlestar Galactica" in a week or two without concern for food or sleep or losing their jobs. It took us months to get through all of "Battlestar Galactica." This was thirteen episodes.) We are going to follow season two come hell or high water. Really well done, sharp twisty writing and plotting, fantastic acting. And no, I am not going to write the ImpSec equivalent, though it's kind of tempting. I'd love to stick Carrie into the bowels of HQ, but oh dear, she would drive Simon even more crazy than Miles does. Miles: slightly less insane. Occasionally wrong.
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1) I have now progressed through Piotr's section in the birthday fic, and so have reached a paralyzing point of decision. So I am sending the thing to [livejournal.com profile] penwiper26 so after church she can, um, read Olivia Vorkosigan talking dirty, and the rest of it, and tell me what to do next. It would be tidier merely to loop back to Mark and Miles and keep the thing in the family, as it were (Simon being part of the family), but I am also tempted to include lots of other people, or at least Gregor (or, like, some women). So, it will be up either soon or not soon.

2) Have not watched the "Doctor Who" mid-season finale yet. Will likely be very sad when I do. I have watched the "White Collar" mid-season finale, as the small percentage of you who care realized after the Mozzie quote, and liked it very much (oh, Peter-Neal trust issues, you never get old), and the "Castle" season opener, ditto (I suddenly understand all the Ryan/Esposito slashers out there. And satisfied!Beckett is darling), and last night we watched the first two episodes of season one of "Homeland," which is awesome. The trick will be convincing J. to watch DW instead tonight.

3) Enough energy returned to me yesterday afternoon to go out to the garden, find out that a couple of tomatoes had actually ripened, dig up some sweet potatoes, cook the sweet potato greens and freeze them, blanch and freeze some sweet peppers, and put some mildly hot ones in the dehydrator. Then I crashed (and wrote), but it was good while it lasted.

Let's see if this cross-posts. If not, my LJ friends will just have to wait a while.

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