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All fine here; never even lost power. It's still raining, and as usual with hurricanes, the wind is scary but the water is the real problem. Poor New York! And the coast generally, and we'll be having flooding here too for a few days. But not my precise here, because we live on a hill.

Anyway, much as I like candlelight and snuggling under blankets, I've had my power outage for the year and didn't care to repeat it. Hurray technology!
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... and really, it's barely started yet.

We had a massive storm system come through Friday night (apparently a derecho, which is the Spanish opposite of a tornado - tornadoes turn, you see, and derechos come right at you) which knocked out power to 1.3 million electricity customers just in the DC area (and many more along the path from Illinois eastward, but I think we got the worst of it). Our power was out for 46 hours, which was better luck than the hundreds of thousands of people who still don't have any. Friday was a record-setting heat day (104 in the city, 99 out here) and the following days haven't been much better. There have been deaths, it's all generally horrible, but this is about ME of course, and I am sitting in air conditioning now. Actually, aside from the nights, we (just me and Younger Son, the husband and other son being in Europe on vacation) managed to flit around to one air-conditioned spot after another (also seeking outlets to charge phones, and toilets that could be flushed. No water is the worst part of power outages). We saw two movies ("The Avengers" and "Brave"), hung out at the mall, etc. The outages were weirdly spotty; driving along we'd find every other traffic light was out. (I must say that drivers coped very well with multiple-lane intersections suddenly being governed by invisible stop signs. The only accident we saw all weekend was at a powered intersection.) All the food in the fridge had to go, of course, but I think the stuff in the chest freezer survived. I came down with an ear infection (nothing to do with the storm, but it didn't help).

So that was my weekend... hope you had better ones!

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