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So I am doing the "post every day for a month" thing, but not here: over at my gardening blog. You are welcome to follow along if you're interested, but on the fannish side all you really need to know is:

Also I quickly solved the "so many daffodils how can I ever decide" problem by (some people who know why will laugh here) choosing the ones named after birds, so I have ten each of Quail, Curlew, Jack Snipe, Dickcissel, Falconet, and Pheasant's Eye.

I like to think that is what Harold would do. If he were planting narcissi, which is vanishingly unlikely.

Otherwise I am working at a long list of random things that include mailing my son a teacup and baking a leek quiche. And I have to drive to the Eastern Shore and back tomorrow, oh joy. At least it's not a Friday.

I've put a few more words in the Henry Gale fic, but it just doesn't seem to be the foremost thing on my mind just now.

Oh, and also we are finally watching "Breaking Bad" - had seen the pilot ep last year, but it didn't grab me enough. I'm not sure it does, still, in terms of the story or characters (I think I've expressed here before how little the criminal POV intrigues me), but the storytelling is fascinating, so I will keep watching for that, plus it makes me laugh. About halfway into the second season now; please do not spoil me (anymore than I have already been spoiled by, you know, being on the internet).
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I hate criticisms that begin "I am sure you mean well." The phrase always strikes me as the liberal equivalent to "Now listen here, little lady."

So, that much torn out of my twitching stomach... what's on the to-do list? Integrating plot strands; drawing a map; preparing a class outline (probably not today, but by Tuesday); playing with not-dirt and seeds; blowing my nose a lot; buying more tissues. And if like yesterday I start feeling too sick to do any of that, going back to rereading Mirror Dance and turning down page corners, because I am going to write (or rewrite; I swear I did it once) that entry on how incredible its structure is.

Plot strands are the most appealing thing on the list, though perhaps they shouldn't be, but I'm on a roll, so Chapter Nineteen calls.

Oh, and... interesting article about verbal anachronisms in "Downton Abbey" (minor spoilers for second season). Obviously the script writers did not sit there with the OED and a magnifying glass. That's the kind of thing I do. Though I will still make mistakes, which someone will someday criticize by telling me they're sure I mean well, little lady, and possibly something about logic pills. Everything is rosy in our garden.

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