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So we celebrated Christmas Eve last night with Cabin Pressure, listening to "Molokai" and then to the two-parter finale, "Zurich," of which I can just say, OH YOU GUYS such love.

About to check out what's under the tree: probably not the subject line. Looks like books. Merry Christmas to all who mark it, and a happy day to all!
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I have posted the ridiculous Cabin Pressure/Lost crossover in which Martin Crieff meets Frank Lapidus in a bar, Because. If you are one of the five people who will read it (a generous estimate), you can find it on AO3:

No, We Only Have Plane

Apparently my Lost fics take place on Christmas. In this case, Martin's second Christmas of the year...
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I really have no desire to learn how to make vids, but on the other hand... well, as I said yesterday I don't do fanmixes, which is not because I can't find songs that are appropriate, but because when I'm into a particular fandom everything seems vaguely appropriate. This is probably why I keep hearing songs and saying "ooh, that would make a great POI vid, if someone else would make it."

I'm not sure why Shearwater keeps coming up in that regard (well, it's probably the birds, but still). I already pointed to Pushing the River (because, for one thing, any song containing the lyrics "Can you see me now?" just screams POI), but also I think You As You Were works extremely well.

And the world goes racing, suddenly changed
As the shock of the axe, it leaves you trembling
Like a bursting shell in the small of your back
Or a job that's hard on the cast of your little lie...

Anyway. Just saying, if anyone ever wanted to. (U2's "New York" is also an interesting possibility. But there are many.)

What I am doing is writing crossovers, since that seems to be the mood I'm in. I love crossovers; sometimes I think they're the best part of fanfic, since how wonderful is it that you can take characters you love from different stories and smoosh them together? And I mind much less if nobody reads crossovers than if nobody reads one-universe fic, in fact it's pleasantly surprising when people do.

So, upcoming, a) the one where Peter Burke goes to Agent Donnelly's funeral and meets a man calling himself Harold Jay, and b) the one where Martin Crieff and Frank Lapidus get drunk together at a bar on Molokai. Nobody's going to read the second one, but I still have to write it; perhaps I'm just dizzied by all the gold braid.
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Things I did yesterday:

1) Got stung by a BIG-ASS BEE while attempting to tame the elderberry jungle that used to be my vegetable garden. I assume I disturbed a ground nest, which means not a carpenter bee (since they nest in wood), though my passion for amateur entomology was somewhat dampened by having a bee inside my shirt. (It flew into my cleavage first, while I was bending over pulling up weeds, and then kept following me around and finally stung me on the back of the shoulder. I hate not being able to see the thing that's attacking me.) I must have been an entertaining sight as I went from laughing hysterically at "Cabin Pressure" to shrieking and running up to the house, where I still had Martin and Douglas snarking in my ears as I gasped out "Get this bee off me" to my surprised husband. Luckily, BIG-ASS BEES pale in comparison to medium-size ones when it comes to venom, so I just had a small swelling along with my dose of embarrassment.

2) Went back down later to get the black raspberries I can now reach after removing thickets of elderberry, pokeweed and bedstraw. I guess I'll finish the job... another day.

3) Loaded even more "Cabin Pressure" onto my phone along with some new playlists (such as "Ambiguity" which starts out with "Do You Want to Know a Secret?" "What's Happening?" "Don't Explain" "Maybe I Will" "What'll I Do?" "I Can't Decide" with a later sequence of "For All We Know" "I Don't Know Why" "Don't Know How" "I Think You Know" "God Only Knows" "I'm Not Calling You a Liar." I have to keep myself amused somehow).

4) Went down-county to see "Much Ado About Nothing" (which, if it was a song title, would fit nicely into the above). Oh, Joss and his friends. It was lovely, if distractingly full of familiar faces. I was a bit worried I'd have trouble with Amy Acker as Beatrice, what with having seen her as Root a lot recently, but she was perfect in her blend of vulnerability and steel, and the only time I didn't believe her was in the "Oh God, that I were a man!" sequence, because it was quite obvious that she'd have no problem killing Claudio herself (though it's also a way of testing Benedick). Denisof was a pretty good Benedick; Fillion was himself; Fran Kranz (who is familiar though I don't know why, because I never watched more than a few episodes of "Dollhouse") was a great Claudio; but my favorite aside from Amy Acker was Clark Gregg as Leonato. I mean, a small part of me was saying "Look what a lovely house Agent Coulson has" but really, he belonged there, in that timeless black-and-white-and -gray world they'd created, with endless food and entertainment and scenery and glasses of wine. Oh, and Sean Maher is surprisingly good at being evil. Highly recommended, not that any of you were going to wait for my recommendation before jumping on this. (Also, theatre with enormous padded fake-leather seats almost justified $11.50 a ticket.)

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