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So we celebrated Christmas Eve last night with Cabin Pressure, listening to "Molokai" and then to the two-parter finale, "Zurich," of which I can just say, OH YOU GUYS such love.

About to check out what's under the tree: probably not the subject line. Looks like books. Merry Christmas to all who mark it, and a happy day to all!
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1) The sort of cold that turns the brain into molasses-coated turtle.

2) Wi-fi going down.

On the other hand, I read the entirety of Doomsday Book yesterday, and I might get around to baking some cookies today. Have a happy next few days, whatever you call them!
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... did not brave the inauguration this time (I thought about it, briefly, but it's quite cold outside and I'm still sick (over four weeks now, what's up with that?) and despite some knee improvements I sincerely doubt I could have walked from the Metro to the Mall). I did watch it on TV. Not quite as impressive as last time, although since the frisson of standing somewhere in back of the Washington Monument with a million other people is lacking, it's hard to judge. (Frisson in both senses; it was pretty damn cold then too. And yes, Alys Vorpatril is affecting my vocabulary. Not that I've managed to write more than a few paragraphs more of the scene.)

This week I've succeeded in getting stuff done in the mornings, and then by mid-afternoon I've pretty much crashed and settled down to Netflix (moving on from "Doctor Who" to "The West Wing," because hey, timely. And OMG, baby Elisabeth Moss. And all of them. *love*). I am really hoping I can shake this thing off soon, because that rate of accomplishment is not sustainable in the long term. But for the moment I'm on track for the bare necessities.

Okay, a cup of tea and the end of season one are calling me...
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So in the end we watched Love Actually again, rather than Downton Abbey, last night. Mostly because it was P's last night at home and he wanted to, and he wasn't caught up on DA (like, having just started the first season).

*favorite Christmas movie ever* Speaking of which, I never did my list of Christmas books, but I don't feel like dragging them all out now (for values of now not meaning "now" but after I get back from driving to Allentown in an hour) and there is always next year. I did read A Mixture of Frailties mostly on the plane, so got my fix.

Having rejoiced in a little wavelet of fannish attention in the last few days (including, out of nowhere, several comments on my otherwise-ignored O'Brian story "The Language of Home," which cheered me as much as the Lewis love) I now need to concentrate on getting some work done, so among other things I will probably stop reading the Lewis comms temporarily as I don't see getting around to watching (by whatever devious means) the new eps immediately (though if my iron nerve breaks, you'll know).

Okay, must run now. Try not to disturb the eels.
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1) Merry Christmas, to them what celebrate.

2) Saw "The Hobbit" this evening (perfect time! Bearded man and a passel of flying dwarves; Bombur sort of has a red glowy nose I guess). Review is pretty much what everyone else has already said. My first 3D experience; managed to put it off this long but no longer; only moderately impressed but I suppose they said that about the phonograph too. And, no surprise, my irredeemable crush on Martin Freeman continues such. (And on Ian Holm, for the record, a long-time one that. I suppose I have a Bilbo-type Thing. It was early-nurtured, what can I say.)

3) Last night saw/heard lovely lovely concert by Chanticleer (in one of those churches that looks like it had a gold explosion at some point, or a dragony miscalculation (actually the theatre tonight was like that too, old movie palace in Oakland, all drapes and faux malachite and gold leaf)). So, so gorgeous: plainchant procession in the dark with candles all the way through to spirituals and "Silent Night" at the end. My very favorite (after the mesmerizing opening) was a Franz Biebl "Ave Maria" so absolutely sweet and longing and yet with sufficient odd harmonies to remain the right side of schmaltz, but no matter what those guys sing it is beautiful. *sigh*

4) I decided, perhaps in my own dragony miscalculation, to throw up the songfic meme pieces on AO3; they won't get a lot of hits I'm sure, but oh, what the heck, I think they've turned out well, and I need to balance all the long seriously-nurtured things a bit (will add the final two when I get them written). ETA: decided not to do this after all; took them down. Still available here, of course.

And I am generally, unspecifically happy with fannish attention at the moment. I'll do a year in review thingy when it is actually the next year (and possibly I'll be done with the "Sparrow" sequel by then, but no guarantees. Haven't actually had much writing time on this trip).

5) Knee is functional. I have not done my share of the shopping and it didn't care for the steep SF hill we had to get down for dinner last night, but I can walk, so that is good.

ETA: 6) I have another cold. Damn immune system doesn't like this lack of exercise. But hey, Merry Christmas *she says more firmly*!

Best wishes to all and to all a good night.


Nov. 26th, 2012 09:09 am
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Happy birthday, [personal profile] eight_of_cups/[livejournal.com profile] penwiper26/[archiveofourown.org profile] linman: friend, fellow writer, beta reader, keeper of mysteries! May it be an extraordinary year, L!


Nov. 7th, 2012 07:29 am
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I went to bed when the Great Narrative* had passed its climax (which, amusingly enough, happened as the local CBS station I was watching, noodling about local issues, mentioned that NBC had just called the election for Obama) and woke up to find that we also now have legal gay marriage in our state (go Maryland! Also Maine, but I don't live there). (We also approved the weird redistricting, which did finally get Roscoe Bartlett (R-Old and Crotchety) out of office in the Wessex of MD, but is otherwise stupid. But so it goes.)

There is a weight off my shoulders I didn't quite know was there. Unfortunately, it did nothing for my knee, and I still have a migraine and an annoying early-rising cat, but still, YAY.

*I think in narratives, okay? This one had just enough tension without tilting over into tedium (2000, anyone?), and the joyful near-predictability of seeing swing state after swing state fall into Obama's camp was rather like the feisty and independent heroines in a romance novel tying the knot with worthy partners. (I would say, in A Civil Campaign, but that this certainly has not been. But Miles&Ekaterin=Ohio; discuss.) There were little personal notes for me: my mom unfortunately lost her race for the NH state house (but all results there otherwise positive); my son personally guaranteed Obama's win in Pennsylvania by switching his registration. *g*

All right, so we are still dealing with a gridlocked Congress (my sleepy brain went to "dreadlocked" first. That would be much more entertaining) and Romney may actually have won the popular vote, which is going to get all his supporters chanting "no fair!" in amnesiac chorus. (President Al Gore adds his dulcet tones to your litany.) But this much is over, and oh thank God no more robocalls.

ETA: Also, "Castle" was awesome. I couldn't watch election returns ALL night.

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