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1) Watched the "White Collar" finale last night! I enjoyed it and thought it was close to the best ending possible. spoilers )

2) I've been watching "Luther" in down time (there were some headaches last week) and like it a lot at least through the beginning of the second season where I am now, although there's a sort of pile-on mentality with regard to tragedy and conflict that gets exhausting. So much happens to DCI Luther in the course of a few episodes that you don't wonder he keeps throwing things, though that doesn't make him less of a jerk (toward the maintenance staff if no one else) or paradoxically less lovable. The hero with anger management issues is a bit of a cliche by now, but Idris Elba pulls it off beautifully, and all the supporting cast is great too. I particularly enjoy Saskia Reeves, and Indira Varma (who spoiler ), and of course Paul McGann. I think the show does men better than women, though, including the creepy second lead (who is a spoiler unto herself), though perhaps not if you view her as a sort of metaphor for guilt or a twisted guardian angel.

3) And I did read Code Name Verity and predictably loved it. What is this "young adult" business though, OMG. No, I suppose I would have loved it as a teenager too, but it would have haunted my dreams; I'm used enough to unreliable narrators and tragic twists to be immune to that now, but the power's still there. It was odd reading it after seeing so many spoiler cuts regarding it - and now I give you one of my own; take it seriously )
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… was that a tribute to Brat Farrar? Or possibly Downton Abbey? Because spoilers )
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I'm sort of caught up on TV shows now (not entirely on Castle yet, and obviously not on Breaking Bad), and the visual dump is having the usual where-did-I-see-you-last effect where guest actors are concerned. I was less affected in this regard by Aaron Staton in last night's POI, or by Lisa Edelstein on Castle, than by Warren Kole (last seen as Creepy Stalker Ian on the never-speak-of-this-again POI "Bechdel episode") turning up as a plot-significant FBI agent on White Collar, and getting coffee with Neal in Washington Square. Spotted there earlier: Sherlock Holmes and Joan Watson (I have only caught two Elementary eps this season, though). I really wanted them all to run into Harold and Bear.

Also, if Peter Burke gets the DC promotion, he should obviously move into the apartment Rick Castle found. I'm sure it's awesome.

So: White Collar and Castle gave me the same "not what I thought the season would be about!" whiplash effect regarding early plot developments (well, White Collar's was worse). Plus ça change, I guess. Once Upon a Time is the same old *headdesk*-ooh! combo, and I have no fannish urges about it (Captain Yawn) but I want to see what happens with Henry. Sleepy Hollow has sucked me in, even though I keep protesting with whimpers of historical inaccuracy. The Good Wife is just as beautifully tense as I could have imagined. And POI… if they are doing what it looks like they're doing next week (well, in three weeks, more likely), you'll be able to hear the fandom screaming from space.

Though not me, because I'll be watching the Nov. 26 episode probably five days late. Ack.
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*cheers self up with favorite lines post*

By the way, it was about this time last year that I started writing fic like a mad thing, resulting in about 40 stories depending on how I count them and (if I can do math in my head) something like 166K words, which is an entire novel if somewhat shorter than one of my actual novels. A slow and verbose explosion of which I am inordinately fond.

Okay, so I think the last one I picked out darlings for was "Untalked Of and Unseen," so onwards from there:

A Heap of Broken Images is all about the imagery, so I should probably pick something like He doesn't need to cast a hook; the fish leap into his arms. But since I love getting the dialogue right, what I really like best is She leans forward. "I believe in him, Harold" because I can hear Root saying it.

For Night's Candles, oh, maybe "Then let me do something else to persuade you," Harold said, still furious and failing completely at the come-hither voice.

To Make Amends In: okay, this is likely to end up being my favorite story of the year despite being the one the smallest number of people have read, and it's harder to pick a favorite bit, or even single lines. Here's my favorite series of lines: Ben is now used to the way gazes slide off him, either to avoid eye contact or to search behind for someone who isn't there. Who matters more. It's the way his father used to look at him, and once it infuriated him, but now he almost wishes there were more people left on the island to tell him that he's no Jack. He is so pleased to not be Jack that he wants to shout the glad tidings all day long, but no one would listen to him. And for something with only one period: He's getting ready to say How the hell would I know, Hugo? when they hear the shocking, incongruous, long-awaited whine of engines, and all stand still for a minute, looking up like a dazed flock of cranes, until the plane passes over. Even though "crane" and "plane" rhyme and the next sentence has "whoop" in it.

If I'm going to count the PoI ficlets collection as one fic, then my favorite line is clearly "Let me buy you a drink and you can tell me," he said, signaling the bartender, and she ordered a gin and tonic as if it was something she'd just invented, and clinked her glass against his. I've decided that the best way to write Grace is to pretend I'm writing Elsbeth Tascioni and then dial it down about three levels.

Speaking of drinking, No, We Only Have Plane: probably "No, actually I'm a… oh. It's a song. Douglas sang it all the way to Saskatoon once. Interspersed with 'I'm a Lumberjack and I'm Okay.'" He paused. "Hello," he added.

For Faith, it's "Always good to meet a fellow baseball fan. At a funeral." Oh, Peter.

And Fierce has several potential choices, but "He didn't actually kill the guy," Sam explained to Harold's face, which was trying to decide if it was terrified or triumphant is probably number one.

So there we are. And oh look, there are Vorkosigan prompts to play with...
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And another crossover, this one a touch more likely:

Faith, the one where Peter Burke goes to a funeral and meets Harold Finch and talks about baseball and believing in people. For L, because we lured each other into White Collar and Person of Interest, and they go together!

(Also, subtle Lost joke, because I couldn't help it.)

I still want someone to write the Awesome Non-White Ladies Having Lunch crossover (Diana Berrigan, Joss Carter, and Lanie Parish), or, considering the end of the "Castle" season (that I finally got to), Joss being asked to counsel Kate Beckett on her career choices ("Did I hear right that you got headhunted for the FBI?" Dead silence). They must know each other, after all...
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I really have no desire to learn how to make vids, but on the other hand... well, as I said yesterday I don't do fanmixes, which is not because I can't find songs that are appropriate, but because when I'm into a particular fandom everything seems vaguely appropriate. This is probably why I keep hearing songs and saying "ooh, that would make a great POI vid, if someone else would make it."

I'm not sure why Shearwater keeps coming up in that regard (well, it's probably the birds, but still). I already pointed to Pushing the River (because, for one thing, any song containing the lyrics "Can you see me now?" just screams POI), but also I think You As You Were works extremely well.

And the world goes racing, suddenly changed
As the shock of the axe, it leaves you trembling
Like a bursting shell in the small of your back
Or a job that's hard on the cast of your little lie...

Anyway. Just saying, if anyone ever wanted to. (U2's "New York" is also an interesting possibility. But there are many.)

What I am doing is writing crossovers, since that seems to be the mood I'm in. I love crossovers; sometimes I think they're the best part of fanfic, since how wonderful is it that you can take characters you love from different stories and smoosh them together? And I mind much less if nobody reads crossovers than if nobody reads one-universe fic, in fact it's pleasantly surprising when people do.

So, upcoming, a) the one where Peter Burke goes to Agent Donnelly's funeral and meets a man calling himself Harold Jay, and b) the one where Martin Crieff and Frank Lapidus get drunk together at a bar on Molokai. Nobody's going to read the second one, but I still have to write it; perhaps I'm just dizzied by all the gold braid.
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So here at chez Hedda we watch three currently-running shows set in the present day in New York City, and I think I'm the only one reading this who does watch all three, but I mention it because the urge to blend universes is strong and compelling, though I'm not likely to ever do it, mostly since for whatever reason fic set in NYC is harder for me than fic set in, say, Oxford or Vorbarr Sultana. But I swear all these people should be running into each other. (I am, for example, somewhat tempted to write Peter Burke going to Donnelly's funeral. And Sara and Zoe must be acquainted. Possibly they met at a book party Elizabeth arranged for Rick Castle. Carter and Beckett going out for drinks? Elias trying to recruit Mozzie? The possibilities are endless.)

And clearly the writers are meeting up, at least in the zeitgeist zone, because WTF LOST FATHER PLOTS. I have to say I like the "Castle" one better than the "White Collar" one, mostly because it's simpler and could be dealt with in one wildly fantastic episode.

For the record, I think both Finch and Reese had ordinary two-parent childhoods somewhere in suburbia, and Reese's parents at least are still alive, though of course they don't think he is.
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Still sick. It got very cold and gloomy this week, which didn't help.

On season three of the "West Wing" rewatch, which demonstrates the number of hours I have been too bleh to get anything else done. Also welcomed back "White Collar" this week; very glad to see Peter and Neal... drink whisky and utter platitudes, but still, Peter and Neal!

Very much looking forward to new "Person of Interest" soon. It's been deliciously tense and complex of late, and I anticipate more of the same coming up. For the benefit of anyone still intending to jump into this show, I'm not withdrawing the complaint that it's a bit slow to get started (although, having gone back to rewatch the opening eps, I now see much more in them, but the subtleness of the acting choices doesn't necessarily register at first glance), but it more than makes up for that later on, and the second season has been a flurry of gut-punches in true Reeseian style.

No progress on the "Sparrow" sequel front, though; all the energy I have this week has gone into PowerPointing and garden planning. And there has not been enough of it.

I've watched the first of the new season "Lewis," um, stories (first two episodes, that is), but not the third ep/second story, due to initial Downloading Fail. I'll get to it. I liked the first one, especially the Neck Brace on the Mantelpiece aspect.

And I have decided that instead of watching "Downton Abbey" any longer, I am just going to read the xojane recaps, since that is much more entertaining.

There you have it, my life in visual entertainment and inertia. There will, I hope, be an end to fatigue and snot eventually (so I can get back to complaining about creaky knees).
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But meanwhile, back to the songfic prompts. Here's for [personal profile] kivrin, who wanted a Peter-centric "White Collar" thing, and happened to pick song #11, which was Florence + The Machine, Never Let Me Go, which struck me immediately as one of the least Peter Burke-like songs I could think of. I did manage to work out how to approach the challenge - I mean, all the water imagery made it rather obvious, really, but it did turn out as Peter thinking about Neal.

Anyway. *flails* Spoilers for early part of current season.

Peter Burke is not an imaginative man )
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Not that I am going to bore you with them. Just need to do some planning and (slow) scurrying in advance of Thursday's trip. Knee feels much better after yesterday's PT; I actually went straight down a flight of stairs instead of crabwise this morning! Of course one of our cars has chosen this moment to have a brakes crisis, but that could have been much worse (like, having them go out entirely while P. was driving on the way back from PA).

Since I still have to sit a fair amount, here and likely in California, I'll keep writing. There are two songfic prompts outstanding (though I will take more if anyone wants to offer them) and [personal profile] kivrin's will take thought since, oh dear, a more un-Peter Burke-like song I cannot imagine, but I like a challenge and I can always stand to think about Peter.

I have Aral's Conversations murmuring in the back of my head (I can't suppose that I will really place him over the Crown Prince's cradle humming "Unto us a child is born" but it's an interesting image to work with. And does suggest to me that the whole fic may end up being from his POV, which I wasn't expecting). But as I guessed, as soon as I started working on the "Sparrow" sequel (which doesn't have a name yet, though it will no doubt be bird-related) it became the dominant narrative in my head, and I've been adding to it in dribs and drabs that seem to have added up to 3000 words so far. At the moment I'm working in backstory that I thought up on the Walk of Doom last week, and then all I have to do, ha, is figure out how that coalesces with the other part of the plot. Harold may blithely toss in:

...he'd sensed the sudden alignment of gears deep inside the grand, floundering construct, the long-planned, madly-improvised brainchild that was Imperial Security. Simon Illyan's duty; the vainglorious compassion of the Machine; and his own fractured selfhood: they'd been bound to collide soon enough.

But I need to know how, exactly. It is an entertaining (if antagonistic) conversation to write, however.

Not that he'd been present at, let alone the subject of, very many interrogations, but he'd witnessed as many as he could stomach nonetheless, and most had a certain rhythm to them, to which a good interrogator could dance. Simon was dancing now, leading Harold across the floor. And... he hadn't been danced with in many years. It was a seduction he had little power to resist.

Heh. There's that dancing motif again. And no, I am not slashing Simon Illyan and Harold Finch. Not in the least. Nor Simon and John Reese, despite having started out the story with Simon noticing how much he likes to watch Reese watching people. Down, boy.

No idea when I'll get the thing finished, but at least it's well on the way...
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So, that makes thirteen fics, now, in a little over three months. Since I write fanfic in spurts (or dribbles, or in this case alarming cascades) it's somewhat easy to pick out trends. Last year's Gregor Vorbarra Is The New Black was a really obvious one. This year I could call The Year Of Original Characters, not so much in the first lot (although the Antoniettis in "Rich and Strange" were an interesting bunch, and I am definitely the ficcer of minor canon characters for "Lewis" (I still need to write that Philip Horton fic)) but "Further Up and Further In," which was by definition full of OCs, seemed to release whatever inhibitions I have against tossing non-canon voices into the Vorkosiverse. (I think I had one, last year. Of course, an OC who tries to seize the throne is pretty significant.)

One could also call it The Year Of Getting Simon Illyan Laid, of course. Or, The Year Of Getting Simon Illyan Laid Using Original Characters.

I'll be getting a Lewis Secret Santa assignment soon, and I'm not ruling out more Vorkosigan fic, though I really do have other things to do. Are we doing Winterfair this year?

I don't think I'll be writing "Person of Interest" fic, not least because when we barrel through to the end of season one this week there will be no way to watch season two (legally. Which doesn't mean I won't manage it. But I wish all the networks would just get with the program and realize how people are watching TV these days). Yes, [livejournal.com profile] yunitsa and I did have the little exchange:

[livejournal.com profile] yunitsa: Yay, Mr. Finch :) I suspect he'd fit in quite well in the Vorkosiverse, being damaged and prickly, though the surveillance stuff would have to be slightly different. If anyone could write that crossover it's you :D

[livejournal.com profile] hedda62: I can see Finch being installed somewhere in the bowels of HQ and surveilling to his heart's content, and it's only when Simon catches on much later that he realizes Finch is controlling his own little empire. NOT GOING TO WRITE IT.

[livejournal.com profile] yunitsa: And Reese is an ex-armsman for some corrupt Count, maybe, whom he's illegally recruited to do his legwork. SURE YOU'RE NOT.

But since she's the only one who would read it, I really am not going to. She's written some lovely fic, much of it using Reese's POV, which led me to say that I thought Reese was a better character for text than for TV (not least because Jim Caviezel, while decorative, is not exactly the world's most expressive actor, especially when playing such a buttoned-up personality. Rather than, say, while being tortured on a crucifix).

They are both impressively buttoned-up, in fact. I'd said, earlier in my viewing (the show takes a while to get going, so if anyone does decide to watch it, hold on till mid-season) that I couldn't help comparing it unfavorably to "White Collar" - not that the plots are that similar except in the Together They Fight Crime sense, but they are both clearly meant as bromance - because WC has two great advantages: one, that Peter and Neal already have a relationship (adversarial but admiring) before the show starts, and two, that they are both extroverts. Finch and Reese are both SOOOO introverted, to the degree that they tend to suck heat and light out of rooms they're in (but it burns inside, baby). Okay, so Lewis and Hathaway are both introverts, too, though Lewis is (what I aspire to on my best days) an outgoing introvert. But they both like to talk, at least, and it's not all business. (Finch and Reese do have partners in Fighting Crime who balance their nonexpressiveness. I love Carter; she's wonderful. And Fusco's not bad, either.)

Yes, okay, I am pretty good (witness Simon and Gregor) at writing fic about characters whose self-expression is mostly internal. But no. Not this time. Decidedly not.

Oh, Mr. Finch. Bird names! You do know where my heart lives, don't you.
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1) I have now progressed through Piotr's section in the birthday fic, and so have reached a paralyzing point of decision. So I am sending the thing to [livejournal.com profile] penwiper26 so after church she can, um, read Olivia Vorkosigan talking dirty, and the rest of it, and tell me what to do next. It would be tidier merely to loop back to Mark and Miles and keep the thing in the family, as it were (Simon being part of the family), but I am also tempted to include lots of other people, or at least Gregor (or, like, some women). So, it will be up either soon or not soon.

2) Have not watched the "Doctor Who" mid-season finale yet. Will likely be very sad when I do. I have watched the "White Collar" mid-season finale, as the small percentage of you who care realized after the Mozzie quote, and liked it very much (oh, Peter-Neal trust issues, you never get old), and the "Castle" season opener, ditto (I suddenly understand all the Ryan/Esposito slashers out there. And satisfied!Beckett is darling), and last night we watched the first two episodes of season one of "Homeland," which is awesome. The trick will be convincing J. to watch DW instead tonight.

3) Enough energy returned to me yesterday afternoon to go out to the garden, find out that a couple of tomatoes had actually ripened, dig up some sweet potatoes, cook the sweet potato greens and freeze them, blanch and freeze some sweet peppers, and put some mildly hot ones in the dehydrator. Then I crashed (and wrote), but it was good while it lasted.

Let's see if this cross-posts. If not, my LJ friends will just have to wait a while.
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That's my new slogan as of now. Oh, Mozzie, how are you so adorable.

Am back. Enjoyed my time in Emeryville and Oakland IKEA-fying an apartment (which is, technically, in East Oakland, but it's in a Vietnamese neighborhood near Chinatown and quite close to the lake, so I think reasonably okay), and in Berkeley climbing steps and drinking coffee out of glasses and noting a parrot dining in a restaurant, and in San Francisco getting my hair blown the heck away, and not so much enjoying the part where we got stuck in traffic waiting for the Bay Bridge to reopen after an accident (immediately after observing a tractor-trailer car-carrier get stuck on one of those hilly city streets where it absolutely should not have been. The rear wheels were in the air and I don't know how they resolved it. It was a trafficky kind of evening). Also there was modern art and a vineyard tour. In the same place. And food, and cool plants. And much of the GPS lady.

I did not leave my heart in San Francisco, but my husband left my shoes in San Diego.

Working on the bubble fic edits. It will be far longer when I'm done, naturally.
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Just have to say WHITE COLLAR OH MY GOD. Yes. That was as good as the "Life Born of Fire" street fight. Though I did keep saying, whoa, it's The Boxing Episode, where have I seen this before. (Where have I seen it before? Besides "Battlestar Galactica.") It's a splendid way to work out aggressions.

Also, finally watched Michelle Obama's DNC speech today, on my new iPhone. Yay technology. And Google came back, after a week in which I could only get to it by cabling in. Totally weird.

That is all. Bedtime.
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1) I had a White Collar dream last night. Actually, it was more like something I was writing than something I was living, and I woke up knowing it would make an excellent and witty fic, but of course I can remember none of it now. It had Sara and Peter and Neal, that's all I know. Oh well; don't need anything else to write anyway.

2) The Betans are in beta! Oh ha. I'm not very satisfied, but perhaps penwiper26 can work her magic and tell me what I'm doing wrong. Will try to post by early next week. I'm going to look at the other prompts and see if there's anything I can write without torturing myself, but I do have to say that George's telegrams are acquiring an urgent edge, and it is almost September.

3) Other people's fic! I had a wonderful time the other night reading radio_silent's The Watchman, which is a delightful Sherlock/Doctor Who crossover featuring a spot-on Eleven and lots of timey-wimeyness. Also enjoyed Lewis fics As Holy Palmers Kiss by ariadnes_string, lovely hot and slightly kinky Lewis/Hathaway, and Mastermind by Lindenharp, Hathaway reluctantly joins in on a pub quiz. And do read the wonderful Vorkosigan fic coming out for the ficathon, as well. :)
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Oh my goodness; I wrote a "White Collar" fic. Well, a short one.

Watched 4.05 "Honor Among Thieves" last night, and had to work out the trust issues (I actually didn't believe for a second any of them would act like that at this point, except maybe Diana and Mozzie, well and Peter at certain points, but the dramatic tension was nonetheless satisfying), so... a snippet of how that looks to me.

Trust Issues, 617 words, Peter & Neal, gen with UST if you want it.

No spoilers for that episode or any other, and could fit anywhere in this vague region of the series, in the eternal summer that is This Show.

I am trying to tell myself that Yes, I Can when it comes to producing at least one fic for every fandom I vaguely aspire to be in. Just wait till I rewatch "Sherlock," people.
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I'm working away at what I guess is the obligatory angsty Lewis-longfic (over 9K words so far, God help me), with (since this is my first British fandom in a while) a lot of googling and help from sites like The Septic's Companion, which I am fond of for entries like this:

"skip: n dumpster. It’s odd that something as revolting should develop such a pleasant name. The dumpster was invented by a man called Skip Mandible. This is a lie."

I will also be participating in the 2012 Bujold Ficathon and have already picked up a prompt whose sheer wackiness seduced me immediately. That should be good motivation for finishing the Lewis fic.

And then, having taken my summer break, I must get back to final pre-submission edits on Time for Tea. I am already getting telegrams from George that read:


And I assure him that it's really Robbie Lewis I've left him for, whereupon Wilfrid gets into the act. This happened last year too, if you recall.

Am all caught up on "White Collar" now; really enjoying this season with its entwined plots and potential exploration of backstory yes please. I also have to say (you could have guessed) that it's interesting to watch it at the same time as "Lewis." Bromance ahoy. Why I want to write fic for one and not the other I don't know.

Olympics continue fun, though I didn't watch last night because I needed sleep and was spoiled already anyway. Time delay is annoying but inevitable. I do have to say "yay Michael Phelps" though.

For my own use and perhaps because [personal profile] yunitsa might be interested, list of "Lewis" episodes I've watched twice under the cut.

Just bear with me here )

And the pilot episode has been taken off YouTube. Blast!

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