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Heh, I should know better than to post something I think is clever to Tumblr at 10 pm, even if I couldn't do otherwise because I am a stickler for meaningless accuracy. (For the record: audio post of the Ramones, "I Wanna Be Sedated," twenty-twenty-twenty-four hours to go, with picture of ecstasy-Finch dancing as in DW icon ("album cover" photo doesn't show up on my tumblr, just on the dashboard, or I'd link you). Cute but rather lost among the huge full-color spreads of POI caps and gifs and squee.)

But yes! Considerably less than 24 hours to go now! And I slept poorly and woke up at 4:30, so I'll have to take a nap when I get home this afternoon or I'll never make it till 11. Sucks being old. OMG I can't wait though.

Coupla recs: [personal profile] sahiya wrote me a really nice little River/Eleven snowed-in interlude, Mortal Worries, which I love and will read again the next time it snows for sure. (Which is feeling more likely every day; it's about 40 degrees out there, though no frost in the forecast, thank goodness.)

And [personal profile] sarcasticsra is working on a lovely POI series called Lost and Found, Harold/John, Harold/Grace, heading towards threesome I strongly suspect (because, I mean. What else can you do?). I recced the first story already and am so glad it's continuing.

I've been editing the early parts of Time and Fevers because a) I know at some point I'll need finalized teaser chapters, b) I'm waiting on teacup photos before I do things like think about covers or design a website, c) I felt like it. One of my favorite bits, under the cut:

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God, I love the two of them together. Also, Brant is another character I keep hearing Michael Emerson's voice for; he's disturbingly like Ben Linus in some ways, considering that I invented him in 2002.

*sits down to wait for actual ME voice* *except not really, ack, scurries*
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Whoa, it's September; how did that happen.

We're getting a late (probably not last) gasp of actual summer, and I came home from yesterday's putting-in-the-fall-garden session soaked through and filthy, but all I need to do today is stop by and water if it doesn't look like rain. Probably will be driving over to some obscure corner of VA to have lunch - third time eating out this week, but it is the week that contains both my birthday and our anniversary, so. Had anniversary dinner (26th, if you're wondering; it impressed the waitress) at a place that specializes in cocktails, so had a thing with bourbon and peach and hot peppers called a Back Porch, and then a Ginger Rogers, which I think is going to be my "cocktail I can make without looking at the recipe" after a few more tries. I made ginger simple syrup the day after, and produced a version of the drink, though we had no ginger ale so I made it with ginger beer, and yum. I think this is a sufficiently different recipe that I can name it, therefore: Backwards and In Heels.

I have practically a mint lawn on one side of the house now, so can make All the Mint Drinks Ever.

Working away at the really-now-final edit of Time for Tea, taking out unnecessary words, and happily falling in love with my characters all over again. Need to make a list for the next steps. Under the cut, a bit from chapter 12 I've always been fond of (slight spoilers and relative incomprehensibility; the "bastard son of a sacked stable boy" does have a reference point).

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Tumblr is still fun, but I have decided the rule is: the more clever I think a photoset is, the less likely anyone is to reblog it. (If you want to know: this and this.) Or maybe it's just: nothing gets reblogged unless it's tagged "Michael Emerson." Whatever. I am happy to post All the Ben Linus Ever, With Side of Harold Finch, but there are going to be bits of paper and parallelism and obscure quotes floating around too.

I'm just surprised I'm actually doing anything there. It's like the good old days when I ferreted out all the animal imagery in the Vorkosigan novels. Obsessive latching-on-to-specifics fandom, enabled by the ease of posting visuals.

Up through episode 10 of "Orange is the New Black" and still enjoying it. The plot arcs are somewhat predictable and yet compelling (or maybe it's "predictable and compelling" - being able to guess what's going to happen when it's a thing that appeals to storytelling sense is good, yes?) and I'm fond of a number of characters. Red and Crazy-Eyes are my favorites.

Reading (finally) Rivers of London, or Midnight Riot as it's called in the US for some unknown reason. Will report later.

And that is enough for now!

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