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I don't have time for analysis or introspection this week, but:

1) We finished "Breaking Bad" last night. You can color me still impressed, whichever of their many gorgeous backwashes and filters and highlights that is. It's very seldom that a TV show pleases on so many levels, so consistently, for such a long time: the character development, the continuity and callbacks, the tenseness and the tenderness, the pinpricks of humor, the raw realism, the expansive scenery and the intimate glowing interiors. Just all so good, so integral, so true to itself. Wow. (Now let's do the same thing, but with women as the main characters. Yes?)

2) Also have watched all three episodes of S3 "Sherlock" and - they were okay, even very good in spots, though it strikes me even more now that three is an insufficient number (of episodes per season, not of focal characters, though perhaps that too). I just think the plot arc would have worked better stretched out a little. It especially seems that a lot of effort was expended to have very little happen in the second episode (I mean, a lot happened emotionally, but I want plot!). And yes, clues and callbacks, but the impact is considerably less when you'll calling back to something that happened last week. Bury it and resurrect it! (Or maybe I've just been watching too much "Breaking Bad.") I do like Mary; I'm still fond of the cinematography and the acting (Martin Freeman continues to do "gutted" really well), and I think I like what they're doing with Molly; but I can't help noticing the bits of Moffatitis and the weird "we're doing fanservice!" touches and they annoy me. All in all, though… okay. I'll watch the next set of episodes, I guess, whenever they manage to produce them.

3) Speaking of fanservice… by Michael Emerson's wiggly eyebrows, I hope I can count on POI to do it right tonight. Bow ties are cool, Mr. Reese.
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Big news for the day: we went to a local shelter and adopted two cats. We've been thinking about doing this since getting over the initial grieving for our old cat, and the shelter opened again today after the holiday down-time, so we went, thinking "well, we'll just look," and "maybe kittens!" and of course ended up with two adult cats, who are settling in now - meaning that Kurtz (we named neither of them, but I think the names are sticking), the 5-year-old orange tabby, came out of his carrier and told us yes, this was home, didn't we know he'd always lived there, and he would like access to the entire house now, thank you. Whereas Lancelot, the almost-solid-black 2-year-old, is hiding under Younger Son's bed. But he was sociable enough at the shelter, so I think he'll come around. Photos when I haz them.

In other news, I finished and posted the Irrelevant Gift Exchange story yesterday; it's a Root and Shaw sorta-gen coda to 3.10 "The Devil's Share," with baked goods, called Advent Cookies. I'm glad my recipient liked it, and it turned out okay, but it was a painful slog to get through even 1460 words of it. There are just times that the writing muse deserts me entirely, and this is clearly one of them, so don't be expecting anything new in the fannish realm from me in the near future, and I hope I can get that Time and Fevers epilogue written without writhing and gnashing of teeth. But perhaps I'll be more in the mood for marketing plans and PowerPoints, so all is good.

I'm pretty sure I won't be watching the new Sherlock episodes before they start airing on PBS later this month; just can't be arsed to acquire them otherwise. I've managed to block Sherlock-tagged posts on tumblr, and people are being pretty good about tagging, so I shouldn't get too spoiled. Meanwhile (still fighting the cold, still tired in the evenings - hey, in the afternoons) I watched most of Doctor Who season 4 again - oh Donna, you are still wonderful, and I'm still angry at the end of the season, though I think it may be only in part because what happened didn't need to happen and in part because it just wasn't given enough time. This is a common problem, this "let's do a really big and horrible thing in the last five minutes because we had to spend way too much time earlier in the show blowing stuff up" issue. Or the equivalent for other distractions (like Norwegian scenery), or for simply Too Much Plot. I think I might have been okay with the Donna thing if it had been discussed more. Or reacted to more, or in other ways than the David Tennant Patented Determined and Sad Stare. Or if the show managed to meta-analyze the theme of forgetting better (since it turned up rather neatly in "The Day of the Doctor" as well as lots of other places). This is obviously too much to ask; I do realize that. And I do applaud them for ticking off as many boxes as they did in that whiz-bang double-parter (I am never not going to laugh at the opening credits whipping out triple the names they usually have time and space for).

I need to go play with a cat now.
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Okay, so [personal profile] avanti_90 asked for Sherlock as Time Lord and song #2, which is The Great Curve by The Talking Heads. And as soon as I saw that I knew Irene had to be in it too, because she is The Woman. And so this happened, this very strange thing, and if I had to post it somewhere I wouldn't know whether to call it Sherlock/Irene or Sherlock/John or Sherlock/Earth, but luckily I don't have to choose, I can just dance with it. What it is with dancing today, I don't know, especially since I can't do it, and I love dancing to this song.


cut is bigger on the inside )
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Soon, the serious post about the novels and publishing decisions and so forth. For now, the writing brain is still buzzing with "oh, Mr. Finch" and "oh, Sergeant Hathaway" and "oh, Aral I-mean-Viceroy-Count-Admiral" (none of which, by the way, sound like "oh, Mr. Darcy," at least in the sense of swooniness. They are all rather exasperated and empathetic and amused and okay, the Aral one is a little swoony, but not in a wet-poet-shirt sort of way. Yes?). Which, okay, means there will be more fic, though I can't promise anything except the Lewis one since I am contracted to do that (and have made a pretty good start), but I can't talk about that one because it is Secret.

Other things I may write in the future:

The most probable is the one that [livejournal.com profile] penwiper26 gave me the impetus for by asking quite a while ago for the first private conversation between Aral and Ekaterin, and then added a bunny recently about Aral and Tej, and I thought, well, let's extend that to Laisa and Kareen while we're at it, and throw in Alys for good measure. So, what I will hope to write is Five Conversations Aral Had With Daughters-In-Law and Um-Daughters-In-Law and Alys-Who-Is-Decidedly-Not-A-Daughter-In-Law-But. And I mention it here because I had thought, give it to L. for her birthday! but here it is past mid-November and no. That will not happen. Hopefully it will happen before her next birthday.

Also, these:

The one where Harold Finch is the Fisher King (kingfisher, geddit?) and no, I have no clue how but it's a cool idea, yes?

The sequel to "Sparrow" where Harold and Simon have a Serious Talk about machines and bodies and spying and stuff. I would have to make up some sort of plot for this, at least as backstory. But still, this is more likely than the others to actually happen.

The Lewis/Sherlock crossover where Sherlock comes to Oxford during his hiatus and falls into the middle of an investigation in which Philip Horton reappears as the star witness, and there is interesting stuff about Asperger's and some sort of tug-of-war over Philip between Sherlock and Hathaway. This would, clearly, also involve plot. And research.

Or, quite possibly, none of the above.

In other news, I meant to wait for Christmas to reread Dialogues of the Dead and Death's Jest-Book but I failed to do so (I must, however, remember to post my very strange list of Christmas books at the appropriate time). Oh, Reginald Hill. RIP and I still adore you. Ah, and if we are proposing strange-but-not-impossible crossovers:

The one where Franny Roote meets Root, and sociopathic underhanded mayhem ensues. Bad code, indeed. (But seriously, no one but me would read that. Unless I can convince some of you to read Reginald Hill. And watch PoI. C'mon... *holds out candy*)


Oct. 4th, 2012 08:12 am
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Since I suspect that my fic-writing streak is over for the moment, unless another tale seizes me with the urgency of "Thirty" (or, God forbid, the head-over-heels lunatic passion of "L'oiseau qui vole"), it's a good time to do this now. First try at a personal meme I should have been doing all along.

Probably a lot of us have favorite lines in stories. Sometimes you know it when you write the thing and sometimes it's only in retrospect. To some extent, these are the sort of "darlings" that conventional writing wisdom orders us to excise. Not a bit of advice I believe in, by the way, not least because it's so incredibly vague, but in any case I think the intent of that excision is to get rid of what we've written consciously to please other people, and the lines I'm talking about need please only ourselves. (And yeah, you can write a self-pleasing line that's bad or pointless or incomprehensible to anyone not you. I'm not saying don't edit.)

Some of these lines make me laugh when I read them over, and some make my heart do a little jump, and some do both, and some are just fun or intellectually pleasing. I don't have favorite lines for all stories; I'm quite fond of "Further Up and Further In," for example, but no one line leaps out at me as special.

But here's what I've got (for the recent "Lewis," "Sherlock," and Vorkosiverse fics all at my AO3 page for the finding). Nothing here is spoilery.

"Lewis" first. Nothing from "No Time for Sergeants," and nothing from "Dear Stephen" (I am quite taken with "You have debauched my Piglet" but it's 80% Patrick O'Brian so doesn't count).

"Da Segno al Coda" has a lot of nice stuff in it, I think, but my personal favorite line is: "Though I recited Morse one hundred percent less poetry." I'm not sure it makes mathematical sense, but it is incredibly Robbie.

"Rich and Strange" I am modestly quite proud of, and I could pick out lots of lines. For some reason the one that tickled me most while I was writing it and continues to do so is: He thumbed out a quick, likely misspelled text to Lewis, which felt more like We who are about to die salute you than anything he would have really wanted to say, and ran. This is entirely due to the notion of Hathaway being concerned, in the middle of what does turn out to be a life-threatening emergency, that he might not be using correct spelling.

In "And Love Itself Have Rest" I do really like multiple snippets from Hathaway's internal monologue, but they make no sense out of context, and anyway I have to go with this: The trouble with warding off grief and remorse by means of industry was that he solved the case all too soon, through perseverance and logic and damnable luck: a thinking machine burrowing into the soft heart of malfeasance like a monstrous drill. Sometimes I just have to show off, and I heart Hathaway for allowing me to do so. *hugs*

On to the pair of "Sherlock" stories. "Improbability" is a style exercise as well as an exploration of psychology; it's full of nice bits, but my favorite sentence hands down is: When he looks up again he's outside Barts, watching a dark bird swoop down out of the sky into ruin. I think it may be the best sentence I've written all year.

"The Cat Did Nothing in the Night-Time" is quite different in tone, but my favorite sentence in it is a harkening back to the imagery of the other story: In another lifetime, in no time at all, he realizes that it's not an echo; it's the shout across the valley that starts it all, the end and the beginning and all the heartbreaks in between. Although the list of ways Sherlock is like a cat is rather a triumph too.

Of the Vorkosiverse stories only two produced a favorite line for me. "L'oiseau qui vole" is probably my favorite story of this... long productive whatever that's been happening to me. And, although I am very fond of the line about the bird holding still, my absolute favorite two sentences are: Then he wanted to scream, but of course he didn't, merely let out one heartfelt "Shit" and started throwing office supplies into Duval's box. Half of them were ImpSec property and had to be patiently removed by Duval's gentle hands. It's the visual, of course, with the emotional backing; it is how Simon Illyan deals with having his heart torn out and stamped on. And oh, I did use the word "gentle" quite a few times in this fic, didn't I? Interesting. A contrast to just about everything else that's going on, I suppose.

And from "Thirty": "If there are horse bars in there, I'm throwing you in the lake," Mark said. Just because I love Mark, and I had missed writing him more than I knew.

And that's it. I would be thrilled if anyone else wants to do this.
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1) I had a White Collar dream last night. Actually, it was more like something I was writing than something I was living, and I woke up knowing it would make an excellent and witty fic, but of course I can remember none of it now. It had Sara and Peter and Neal, that's all I know. Oh well; don't need anything else to write anyway.

2) The Betans are in beta! Oh ha. I'm not very satisfied, but perhaps penwiper26 can work her magic and tell me what I'm doing wrong. Will try to post by early next week. I'm going to look at the other prompts and see if there's anything I can write without torturing myself, but I do have to say that George's telegrams are acquiring an urgent edge, and it is almost September.

3) Other people's fic! I had a wonderful time the other night reading radio_silent's The Watchman, which is a delightful Sherlock/Doctor Who crossover featuring a spot-on Eleven and lots of timey-wimeyness. Also enjoyed Lewis fics As Holy Palmers Kiss by ariadnes_string, lovely hot and slightly kinky Lewis/Hathaway, and Mastermind by Lindenharp, Hathaway reluctantly joins in on a pub quiz. And do read the wonderful Vorkosigan fic coming out for the ficathon, as well. :)
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I've decided to continue (or create, rather) the tradition of posting fic on my birthday, having written in the last day-and-a-half a sequel (still in present tense, but a good deal less, um, stylistic) to "Improbability":

The Cat Did Nothing in the Night-Time, John/Sherlock for real this time, plus an actual cat and the continued use of excessive landscape metaphor, though only one mention of scorpions.

And that will be my last effort either in present tense or in that fandom. I looked up the stats: there are currently 16,258 works on AO3 for "Sherlock" and 415 for "Lewis." And 936 for the Vorkosigan Saga. I think it's obvious where my work will be best rewarded. Not that lack of recognition would stop me, but frankly I really don't have anything more to say.

I am still working on the Betans! They are merely being slightly difficult!

ETA: On the other hand - 640 hits since yesterday. I remind myself yet again that all you have to do is write slash. :P
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Okay, I have a Betan Survey captain who's allergic to Beta, a Pilot Officer who's in love with wormholes, an exobiologist in love with the Pilot Officer, and a hermaphrodite engineer who thinks it's Dorothy Parker. And Tumnus the Faun. Now all I have to do is write the thing.

I also have a John/Sherlock + cat sequel to "Improbability" yanking at me, along with a plot bunny for a Lewis/Sherlock crossover (not going to call it Lewlock, you can't make me), an essay about "Life Born of Fire," some thoughts about writing tics, and a rediscovered old fic to edit. And George is constantly whining at me to leave all these other people alone and get back to work on him (I wonder why the others elect George to do the nagging, and then I think about it and stop wondering). Darling boy, I am building you an audience.

First, though, I have a kid going off to college tomorrow who needs help packing, and a lot of seedlings to transplant. So that's me settled.

"This wasn't just plain terrible, this was fancy terrible. This was terrible with raisins in it."
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Guess I'd better do something to fix that. But meanwhile, last night I found myself in the mood for Martin Freeman looking sad and angry, and after the two "Numb3rs" episodes everyone else wanted to watch, settled down to "The Reichenbach Fall."

And then I woke up very early with this in my head. John, grieving, with invisible scorpions and a Jonathan Creek cameo, Because I Can.

Been quite a week for the writing brain. I really need a nap.

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