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Just to catch up, things I have been doing recently (including at Thanksgiving):

Performances attended:

Messiah with the Handel and Haydn Society, which I'm embarrassed to say I knew nothing about before (I've never lived in Boston, but I have visited there a lot). It's their 200th anniversary this year!

It's a Wonderful Life with the visiting Immediate Theatre Project. This was great fun! The concept is that the employees of a financially-stressed radio station have to improvise to put on a live performance of IAWL while the regular actors are kept away by a snowstorm. Four actors doing all the parts and sound effects. Check it out if it comes to your town (which, er, would be a few places in Ohio and Wisconsin at this point, but I'm sure they'll do it again next year).

Museums visited:

The Harvard Art Museums, all nicely joined together now by a new atrium. Lots of well-known works here.

National Museum of Women in the Arts, for the Picturing Mary exhibit. I liked the division by concepts, and they've acquired lots of beautiful paintings and other artworks, though I agree with the critics who say they should have extended the time frame to include modern works and perhaps those with critical commentary. I went upstairs as well to see the 20th-century exhibits, and discovered Remedios Varo, who I'd never even heard of before but is now a favorite, at least as far as Surrealists go. This museum is great for that - so many women creating art over so many centuries, and being ignored even though the work is as good as that of their male contemporaries.


Greatly enjoying Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries as a fun and escapist treat. Missing most of the other shows that are on hiatus. Looking forward to tomorrow's POI episode, even if they are then going to stretch out the midseason three-parter into January, and waiting for Hannibal to return.


No, there is no reason I put this right after mentioning Hannibal, why do you ask? (I did just check out the NBC page to see if there were airing dates yet, and saw a section labeled "Episodes and Recaps," and thought it said "Episodes and Recipes." WTF. Though it seems there will be an official cookbook out at some point.)

But yes, me. Squash, mostly. And trying to get to some of the WPost's cookie recipes; I made Spicy Smoked Tea Pecan Crisps, although the dough was sooo sticky even before I spilled the egg whites onto it, and disaster pretty much ensued, although the result was perfectly edible and yummy, just not at all tidy. I'd add more flour next time, making sure that the dough could be properly rolled out. And I will be making my usual chocolate-covered pomegranate seeds for the party we're going to next weekend.


For reasons of Italy, I've been dipping back into Michael Dibdin's Zen series, but after I finish the one I'm on I am finally going to read Code Name Verity, and then maybe one of the Christmas books.


Not at all, dammit. But maybe soon?

We have the Christmas tree up and no cat has yet climbed it, but the ornaments aren't hung yet, so temptation is not at its highest. We'll see…
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I'm doing a gluten-free diet for a month (just as an experiment, to see if it makes any difference to the chronic blahs) and this has been no problem in the week I've been at it so far, but yesterday it snowed. If this seems a meaningless juxtaposition, I beg to differ. When it snows enough here that everything shuts down and no one goes to work (and hey, it turned out to be 5 inches of very fine powdery stuff, but it could have been more!) we have Snow Tea with the neighbors. Which means baked goods.

So I needed to make something I'd be able to eat. J. had already produced some gluten-free biscotti, made with almond flour, but I didn't have time to hike out and find the five other kinds of non-wheat flour that most gluten-free recipes request (plus xantham gum, omg), so I made the 1-2-3-4 flourless peanut butter cookie recipe (1 cup peanut butter, 1 cup sugar (though I used 2/3 cup), 1 egg, 1 tsp baking soda, mix and plop and bake at 375F for 10 minutes), and then I went online and found Black Bean Brownies. Which, it turns out, are awesome, if you add a little more cocoa powder (heaping 1/3 cup) and coffee (several teaspoons of very strong brewed). They are pretty fudgy, and from the comments it sounds like you can add a teaspoon of baking powder if you prefer a cake-like texture.

Plus one of the neighbors brought gluten-free cupcakes, and I relaxed the diet so I could join in the Beer Part of Tea, and it was all great fun. And now it is apparently 2F outside (I have not ventured out to see how this feels) and a good day to cuddle with cats and get things done.
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Time for Tea Kindle edition.

Anyone who wants to promote the book, please do so! Probably easiest to just use my website, since that's got links to everything else plus the sample chapters.

I am figuratively running around this morning sticking links in everything. Also cooking: pork roast, sweet potatoes for pie, squash for soup. My kitchen smells awesome.
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Our neighbors' granddaughter just came by trick-or-treating; she is a vampire-ghost-princess, a splendid example of consolidation. As usual, we won't get a lot of kids and the candy supply will be insufficiently diminished and will have to migrate to J's office tomorrow. We've already taken all the Heath bars out of the mix for us, but aside from that I'm surprisingly uninterested - used to dark chocolate exclusively now, I guess. Well, okay, I might have a packet of Reese's Pieces. Just because.

Speaking of Person of Interest, no I wasn't. But this week's episode was really good again, and we all ship Shaw/Root now, and I hope we can say the earlier disappointments were just a hiccup. And oh, Mr. Finch. I will take Utter Bastard Harold for the rest of the season, please.

In a not totally random turn of thought, it occurred to me today to wonder whether anyone had done a Ben Linus vid to "Behind Blue Eyes." No one knows what it's like, you know.

This has been a week of getting caught up in stupid minutiae and/or things I shouldn't be spending time on because I can't do them, and I feel I've made precisely no progress on what I want to have done. Today was largely about a continuing blog project involving purple sweet potatoes. I wish I could claim to have made a scary blue-green cake on purpose for Halloween, but I'm afraid it's just proof that you can't use baking powder or baking soda with purple ingredients. Chemistry! It should taste better than it looks, at least.

I wish this cold would go away all the way. My nose and ears are stuffed up in an irritating fashion.
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1) We have been making Very Healthy Bread. This started when J. had done a batch of beer and had spent barley grains left over, and I said, I hear Growlers (local brewpub; neighbors' son works there) puts those in rolls they serve in the restaurant, why don't you add them to the bread you said you were going to make? And he did. And then I made some, a totally whole-wheat with walnuts loaf and added more spent barley from another batch, and sesame seeds, and chia seeds, and whatever else there was around. I'm doing more today, and freezing half. Together with the "always have some cooked greens in the fridge" initiative (we use frozen kale or collards or whatever for convenience, sauté onion, add the greens, maybe add some other veggies, finish with nuts and dried fruit and some crisped bacon if desired, season as you wish, balsamic vinegar is good) our diet continues to improve.

Including, of course, all the dark chocolate.

2) Went to see my favorite physical therapist today. Not that I have seen all that many of them, but he treated me for the first frozen shoulder ages ago, and can I just say it is so goddamn wonderful to be greeted with "Hey, nice to see you again, how have you been, it was the shoulder, wasn't it?" after a gap of more than eight years. I mean, I know he cheated and looked in my file, but he bothered to do it, and maybe he just remembered (it was an intense period of treatment, as a few of you may recall), and in any case, it's far and away better than a lot of the interactions I've had with medical personnel of late. Anyway, he paid attention and listened and showed me exercises and did marvelous things with electricity and so forth, and agreed that there is something up with the medial meniscus, though probably not an actual tear; he theorizes that it's just really irritated. Which strikes me as amusing, of course; I can see it sitting there going "What the hell, patella?"

It hurts now, though that is probably a bit because of my bopping around to Bob Marley earlier. I may have been overdoing the "Oh, Mr. Finch" and "Water Metaphors" playlists rather, but I am very fond of them.

3) May I just say that it amazes me that I have 579 hits on "Sparrow" in a month? This is on a crossover based on sources that have a medium-size fandom and a really small fandom, which I was unaware had any significant overlap. I am definitely going to write a sequel. (oh god, help me)

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