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1) I meant to post yesterday (but didn't get around to it) after reading the morning's Writer's Almanac and noting that it was Janet Flanner's birthday. She was the New Yorker's Paris correspondent for many years, and I named my character Janet Lapinski after her (also after a lovely children's book in which the Bunny Queen is Janet, but that's beside the point). Because of the European connection, not because she was (apparently) bisexual, but hm.

2) I could also have noted as a result of the same entry that it was the anniversary of Sir William Herschel discovering Uranus, thus setting up many rude jokes, but I didn't.

3) Today, of course, is Extra Pi Day. I was finishing up a Jazzercise class at 9:26:53 this morning (yes, I did complete the Challenge and receive my relatively useless tank top, thank you). And I have pâte sucrée chilling in the fridge for a pumpkin pie. (ETA: forgot to note that, as my son pointed out on FB, a lot of theatre companies are celebrating by posting pics and quotes from Titus Andronicus, which is absolutely awesome.)

4) [ObSelfPromotion] You could all celebrate by reading The Opposite of an Epitaph, because it does mention pi. [/OSP]

5) Along with half the known universe, I should probably undertake a reread of Terry Pratchett. :( :( :( Actually there are several of his recent books I haven't gotten around to yet; it's sad to realize that this is now a temporary predicament. (Unless I pull a Desmond Hume and save one of them for my deathbed.) One wonders if Sir Terry realized ahead of time that everyone would eulogize him by pulling out the DEATH quotes - well, I'm sure he did.

6) Speaking of Desmond, I had all these shower thoughts the other day about Lost season 6, and exactly when, if you think about it logically, it becomes obvious that spoiler )

7) Have watched all the Scott & Bailey that is currently available in the U.S., which is through season 2. I do really want to find out what happens next, but can wait until the next season is released, which should be this summer. It's extremely entertaining and satisfying, though; there's little that's better in terms of female buddy drama, and lots of great opportunities to growl at the annoying menfolk (but also kind of sympathize with them, in places).

8) Really enjoyed this week's Person of Interest and am eagerly waiting to find out how it ties in to the season arc - hopefully it does? Considering the Control-centric episode earlier? I mean, I am never not going to like Michael Emerson being badass from a wheelchair, or having second thoughts about moral decisions, but I suspect there was more to it than "whoops, we never put this bit into season two." I'm loving this season in the sense of all the separate bits being meaningful and well-acted, but here and there I'm wondering at the connections, and I suspect this has to do with how the plot got reshuffled a bit after unavoidable cast changes. Do not know where they are going with John Gets Much-Needed Therapy, but I really don't think it's where everyone worries it's going.

9) There were probably five other things I was supposed to post about, but I'm sure they can wait, and I have to make the pie now.
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In regard to what I said about Lost and nonlinear storytelling: this Flight 815 Crash in Real Time compilation is brilliant. Partly because it brings footage from so many episodes into a coherent whole, but also because it illustrates how integral the story is despite being told all out of order. There are plenty of shows with complicated chronologies, with flashbacks and unreliable narration, but here it's the same moment (which is a very important moment, at the core of the whole show) being experienced by a whole bunch of different characters in different places, shown at widely spaced points in the series. Viewed separately, they tell one person's story at a time, and that's not invalidated but added to when you see them all together and understand cause and effect.

Spoilers, natch. And unless I'm hallucinating, there's some deleted footage in here. (I suppose someday I should own my obsession and buy the DVDs.)
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Aaand posted. Snap.

The Tale of Henry Gale: Benjamin Linus staying smug and conflicted while being imprisoned, beaten, analyzed, sewn up, confessed to, offered a strange combination of foodstuffs, and forced to read Dostoevsky. Set during Lost S2, but not really comprehensible unless you've watched through S4 at least. Cheers for nonlinear storytelling.

In other news, someone asked me today where I get my ideas. People actually say that! (For the record: "From a corner of my twisted brain.")
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[personal profile] yunitsa wanted to know: If you were in charge of the Vorkosigan books, what would the next one be about?


There, that was easy.

But to expand slightly: I would LOVE a tale of Piotr (and Olivia!) during the Cetagandan War, or any time before the action of the current books starts. Or, if we have to go forward chronologically, something about the coming-of-age of the next generation, after Miles's death. I realize this may sound like I hate Miles, and I don't, but I think we've had plenty of him, and I have next to no interest in filling in the gaps in his life. Though of course if Lois wrote that, I would read it. If she wrote the phone book, I would read it. There would be a lot of the letter V.

In other news, I have spent a fair amount of time in recent days writing more of the Ben-as-Henry-Gale story I started some months ago, and am really hoping to finish it soon so that I can start properly panicking over actual real life commitments.

Also, it has been ridiculously cold here, which is not news to many of you. We've had the water trickling in our bathroom sink for three days without stopping, so the pipe won't freeze, which we only do when temperatures are consistently below 15F (it's the north corner of the house). Mornings have been in the low single digits, with below zero wind chill. Today it might actually reach freezing, though, which will be like a heat wave. As xkcd said so brilliantly, this is the old normal.

Also, the cats are behaving like regular old cats who live in the same house now, not exactly playing together, but observing each other playing, and eating side by side, and all that. Lancelot has been doing Speed Personality Transformation, and now looks to possibly be headed for dominant feline status (Hotspurr is just too easygoing to object, I think). First we thought he'd never come downstairs, then we thought he'd never stop hiding when he saw Hotspurr, then we thought he'd had a deprived kittenhood and never learned to play, but now he is collecting ALL THE MICE and hoarding them in the chair that used to be Hotspurr's, and skittering around chasing them. He still doesn't really understand the point of the laser pointer, but he may yet catch on. It's been a long while since we had two cats at once, and - they actually learn from each other! They also (perhaps inadvertently) team up to make fixing dinner very difficult if they haven't had theirs yet. Twice the underfoot I am used to, half of it blending with the black and white rug.
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My AO3 page, for reference.

In last year's fanfic review, I noted that my rather staggering output all occurred in the second half of the year. That's pretty much true in reverse for 2013, since from August onward I was concentrating on getting my original fiction into print YAY and dealing with my feelings about "Person of Interest" season 3 and just not having the urge to write much. Which is still true, unfortunately for the several fics that are still sitting unfinished/barely started on my hard drive (or actually "in the cloud"), and though I still owe something for the Irrelevant Gift Exchange it's not likely to be posted until the new year. Which is why I can write this review now.

In the first half of the year I wrote a good deal, if not as much as last year: over 79K words of fic. Most of it in one fandom. And so, this is clearly…

The Year of "Person of Interest." I may have fallen for Harold and John and the others in 2012, but 2013 is when I ramped that up and started making a serious contribution to the fandom (which was still relatively small at the beginning of the year, but has grown like crazy - which is nice, because kudos keep coming in on a regular basis from the new fans).

I did write in other fandoms, and for me personally I feel like this is the year of "Lost," since I swallowed it down in a big gulp in the spring and have been using a lot of my downtime since to watch it all over again several times. But I only wrote one actual self-contained fic in that universe (along with a crossover with "Cabin Pressure" and a heavy reference in a POI snippet), and though "To Make Amends In" has done quite well in hit count as "Lost" fics go, what fandom there is doesn't seem to hang around AO3. I do have another "Lost" fic on the burner, but if I finish it or write others it won't be to get nonexistent fandom points.

Aside from that, I'm not sure I have any defining themes for this year. I did get a trifle more adventurous in terms of ratings, and I did play with writing styles here and there, but I don't have last year's long-ass list of Year-Of and X-Is-The-New-Black. Though both Sam Shaw and Grace Hendricks made significant fashion contributions, and of course Harold Finch, though he doesn't wear solid black even to funerals.

So, under the cut, I'll just do the "best of" list as I define it. Read along if you wish! No spoilers.

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I think that's it; questions and comments welcome. Aside from the gift exchange story, the next thing I really have to write is an epilogue to Time and Fevers (all the other books have them, and it felt left out), but I'm hoping I get inspired to finish at least the Bujold fic exchange story I promised [personal profile] philomytha this summer, oh dear I am a terrible person. Just no writing brain at the moment, but it will return, I promise.
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Our neighbors' granddaughter just came by trick-or-treating; she is a vampire-ghost-princess, a splendid example of consolidation. As usual, we won't get a lot of kids and the candy supply will be insufficiently diminished and will have to migrate to J's office tomorrow. We've already taken all the Heath bars out of the mix for us, but aside from that I'm surprisingly uninterested - used to dark chocolate exclusively now, I guess. Well, okay, I might have a packet of Reese's Pieces. Just because.

Speaking of Person of Interest, no I wasn't. But this week's episode was really good again, and we all ship Shaw/Root now, and I hope we can say the earlier disappointments were just a hiccup. And oh, Mr. Finch. I will take Utter Bastard Harold for the rest of the season, please.

In a not totally random turn of thought, it occurred to me today to wonder whether anyone had done a Ben Linus vid to "Behind Blue Eyes." No one knows what it's like, you know.

This has been a week of getting caught up in stupid minutiae and/or things I shouldn't be spending time on because I can't do them, and I feel I've made precisely no progress on what I want to have done. Today was largely about a continuing blog project involving purple sweet potatoes. I wish I could claim to have made a scary blue-green cake on purpose for Halloween, but I'm afraid it's just proof that you can't use baking powder or baking soda with purple ingredients. Chemistry! It should taste better than it looks, at least.

I wish this cold would go away all the way. My nose and ears are stuffed up in an irritating fashion.


Sep. 22nd, 2013 06:59 pm
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I think there was a WIP meme that did something like this, at some point; anyway, I'm going to do it, because for once I actually have four WIPs (I am usually a one-fic-at-a-time girl, but one of these has been hanging around forever and the others could use a jumpstart, though Oh Lord Please Not Yet I Have No Time).

One of them is here (the next bit in the Sparrow/Goshawk 'verse), and for the others (two Vorkosiverse, one Lost) I'm going to list working title (none have real titles yet), first line, and last line written, and you should feel free to ask me anything about any of them (including the linked one), in hopes that it will make me think.

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As a bonus, since I've been editing the early chapters of Time and Fevers, you get perhaps my favorite first line ever:

There were definitely more rocks in the soil of Maine than was reasonable.
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I have "Walk Through the Fire" (yes, from Buffy) stuck in my head. Dammit.

Definitely not doing the Ten in Ten challenge (I like my inner editor, thank you, and also what I need right now is more like Organize Ten Things A Day) but it is fun to have all the new fics popping up, especially [personal profile] pendrecarc finally running with the Punxsutawney plot bunny, or I should say groundhog, that I played with ages ago.

I'm fiddling with the Henry Gale fic, though it's also hitting the "what is this for?" button and when I have time I'll have to take it for a walk and figure that out. One thing I do appreciate about writing it is how thinking through Ben's motivations brings into sharp relief Lost's deliciously convoluted plotting and presentation: this is set during season two and I'm pulling stuff from two or three seasons later to explain it. But so far it's totally interior monologue (which my brain doesn't want to assign to past or present tense, grr) and I think it would be better with snippets of dialogue. So we'll see.

Yesterday I was a bit under the weather (so to speak: it's hot again, although not unbearably so, but I think this was ragweed-related edge-of-migraine) and decided to splurge on Kindle books: not just Whispers Under Ground (having finished Moon Over Soho, which I liked even better than the first one) but also Naomi Novik's Blood of Tyrants (which I'm about two-thirds through and enjoying muchly), Laurie R. King's The Bones of Paris, and M.M. Justus ([personal profile] mmegaera)'s Finding Home. It is a good time to read the hell out of things before all the TV shows start up again.

I still have to make lists. I need to put "make lists" on my list.
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So somehow (I suppose via my usual effort to distinguish myself through eccentricity) I've been Tumblr-blogging a series of posts in what I call the Lost Clothing Database, which is not about lost clothing but about clothing on "Lost." It started with Ben Linus's striped shirts, and it's still mostly him, but other characters have been making appearances, and, well, if you are into "Lost" at all, check it out, or since it's minimally spoilery, you can look even if you just want to browse through pretty and occasionally bloody screencaps of Michael Emerson, analysis to emerge later or perhaps not.

Tomorrow is packing for back to college day, compressed into one actual twenty-four-hour period by Younger Son's work and social schedule. Well, I suppose we will make it there on Sunday without leaving too many necessary belongings behind, and there is always the mail and I'll be driving back up in October if not sooner. I'm returning on Monday, which is my birthday, and then picking up hubby who has been driving with Older Son and his possessions from Oakland to Houston so he can go back to college, or post-college, or whatever a second bachelor's degree counts as. And then we are going out to dinner somewhere and I don't suppose I'll care much where as long as someone else does the cooking.

And then I have to plant many brassicas and write another fic and start final editing of my book which I was supposed to do this month but oh well. That sort of thing always takes less time than I think it will, unlike so many other tasks in life. And then a weekend in Charlottesville for Michael Emerson's birthday for the Monticello harvest festival and maybe some wine-tasting and stuff. It will be a busy fall. So... gather ye screencaps while ye may, I suppose.


Aug. 19th, 2013 04:39 pm
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I meant to say that I did some of my editing on "This Rough Magic" to this compilation of the Machine's musical themes. And I downloaded that together with Finch's themes and Reese's themes and did my walk to it yesterday. If I can trust MapMyWalk's accuracy, which I know better than to do, I did the first mile in exactly Finch + Reese, which was amusing, and pretty fast (Reese's theme is great for powering up hills).

The same person has a comparison of the themes for Ben Linus and Harold Finch, which is interesting.

And someone else pulled together a bunch of Lost theme music via actual clips (spoilers, natch). Yes, of course there's a Ben one. :) I am also quite fond of There's No Place Like Home. (God, the music on that show. Serious heartstring-tugging.)

While I have you on YouTube, do watch the two new great POI vids: When I Ruled the World by astolat, and Some Nights by pureflummery. Oh, the feelings.

*dusts hands*
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*cheers self up with favorite lines post*

By the way, it was about this time last year that I started writing fic like a mad thing, resulting in about 40 stories depending on how I count them and (if I can do math in my head) something like 166K words, which is an entire novel if somewhat shorter than one of my actual novels. A slow and verbose explosion of which I am inordinately fond.

Okay, so I think the last one I picked out darlings for was "Untalked Of and Unseen," so onwards from there:

A Heap of Broken Images is all about the imagery, so I should probably pick something like He doesn't need to cast a hook; the fish leap into his arms. But since I love getting the dialogue right, what I really like best is She leans forward. "I believe in him, Harold" because I can hear Root saying it.

For Night's Candles, oh, maybe "Then let me do something else to persuade you," Harold said, still furious and failing completely at the come-hither voice.

To Make Amends In: okay, this is likely to end up being my favorite story of the year despite being the one the smallest number of people have read, and it's harder to pick a favorite bit, or even single lines. Here's my favorite series of lines: Ben is now used to the way gazes slide off him, either to avoid eye contact or to search behind for someone who isn't there. Who matters more. It's the way his father used to look at him, and once it infuriated him, but now he almost wishes there were more people left on the island to tell him that he's no Jack. He is so pleased to not be Jack that he wants to shout the glad tidings all day long, but no one would listen to him. And for something with only one period: He's getting ready to say How the hell would I know, Hugo? when they hear the shocking, incongruous, long-awaited whine of engines, and all stand still for a minute, looking up like a dazed flock of cranes, until the plane passes over. Even though "crane" and "plane" rhyme and the next sentence has "whoop" in it.

If I'm going to count the PoI ficlets collection as one fic, then my favorite line is clearly "Let me buy you a drink and you can tell me," he said, signaling the bartender, and she ordered a gin and tonic as if it was something she'd just invented, and clinked her glass against his. I've decided that the best way to write Grace is to pretend I'm writing Elsbeth Tascioni and then dial it down about three levels.

Speaking of drinking, No, We Only Have Plane: probably "No, actually I'm a… oh. It's a song. Douglas sang it all the way to Saskatoon once. Interspersed with 'I'm a Lumberjack and I'm Okay.'" He paused. "Hello," he added.

For Faith, it's "Always good to meet a fellow baseball fan. At a funeral." Oh, Peter.

And Fierce has several potential choices, but "He didn't actually kill the guy," Sam explained to Harold's face, which was trying to decide if it was terrified or triumphant is probably number one.

So there we are. And oh look, there are Vorkosigan prompts to play with...
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And, in addition, as I was reminded by a gif on Tumblr this morning, the other great joy in rewatching Lost is being able to spot every single time Ben is lying about something, quite often for no apparent reason other than having some iota and illusion of control over the situation.

Also, we introduced Older Son to Person of Interest last night, and he kept saying "how about another?" until we'd watched three, and that and the promise of a dog later on appears to have hooked him. (He's on a plane back to Oakland and spotty internet this morning, but I expect he'll make do.)
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So it is entirely typical of me that a declaration of new intent results in a) a little bit of publishing research in between being busy with other things, b) a depressive spiral, c) my cat getting sick. And today was migraine day. But I think I'll be back on track soon. (And the cat is improving, though I was really worried for a couple of days because he stopped eating, which is kind of like a fish not swimming.)

All that (plus having finally finished the seasons of "Castle" (which, semi-yay for the final relationship and career cliffhanger, although the show is lunging shark-wards) and "Doctor Who" (which, I have had it with Moffat, I mean it this time. I want to scrub it all from my brain and replace it with a vid of Clara to "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun")) meant that I watched a heck of a lot of Lost episodes, semi-randomly (my initial plunge-through this spring started not where I'd left off but with the first episode Ben (Henry) was in halfway through season two, whereupon I watched straight through to the end, and then, naturally, started up at the beginning again until I got back to halfway through season two. And since then I've been dipping in occasionally, first to watch all the Ben-centric episodes again, and then to watch nearly all of seasons five and six. So this week's dose was the parts of three and four I'd ignored before (except for "Exposé" which I'm not likely to ever watch again).) Re-immersion prompts a few observations:

1. The level of detail entirely rewards multiple viewings, as does the intricate plot. Knowing what's coming makes me appreciate even more how well-woven the storyline is. For example (trying to say this without horrible spoilers) the episode in season three where Mikhail helps save Naomi, and then Charlie doesn't want to let him go, but Desmond does anyway, oh so painfully ironic, considering what Mikhail does at the end of the season, ow ow ow. I know from personal experience how weird serendipity can be when you're writing something long and complicated, but the number of times things work out tidily in this plot means huge amounts of planning as well. (Not that they tie up all the threads by any means, but it's so fun watching them construct what knots exist.)

2. The villains are beautifully villainous in their differing degrees, and it's an understatement to say they don't shy away from violence, but it's interesting to observe that none of the violence is sexual. Imagine how much more creepy Martin Keamy would be if he threatened to rape people. I mean, I'm glad they didn't go there, but it's kind of weird that they didn't. The show objectifies right and left (and yeah, there are more shots of scantily-clothed women, though let us also note the entire episodes that Sawyer spends with his shirt off (well, there's at least one)) but all the sex is consensual (even if Jack's tattoo isn't, god I wanted to slap him so hard). I'm wondering if the non-sexual villainy all spun off of Ben somehow; he's capable of many horrible things, but I can't imagine him raping anyone or ordering it done.

And okay, speaking of which:

3. Michael Emerson your face. (Also holy shit what a wonderfully-constructed character; I cannot say it too many times. I could write entire essays, but I won't subject you to them.)

On another topic entirely, I may entertain myself this summer building that playlist-by-minor-association that I've been intending for ages. This is the one in which the order is determined by bits of lyrical coincidence such as (to pull from my previous subject lines) Laura Marling's "Goodbye England" next to Ella Fitzgerald singing "A Ship Without a Sail" because they both mention hats. Or "I Think You Know" by Julia Nunes with "When I Decide" by My Terrible Friend, since both reference large hands. I've always wanted to organize a library this way, but can't since a) I share mine with other people and b) I can't keep it all in my head anyway. I did manage to graft this desire onto my 17th-century Amsterdam bookshop-owner Maarten Rijnacker (one of my more adorable creations if I say so myself); here's the discussion other people have about it:

"I am not yet come to that place in my tale," said Saskia haughtily. "But it is strange that you of all those assembled should ask..." She shook her head. "No. It is a tale that must be told in the proper order. But what is that order? My mother, in her tidy house, would know; my father, looking over the carefully-kept accounts of his business--"

"Then think yourself into Maarten's shop," said Olivia, "and pull a book off the shelf, and then the next, and find that there is sense in their ordering, no matter how strange it may first appear--"

"You have been there!" cried Saskia. "Do you know, I once discovered that he had shelved Hugo Grotius's
Mare Liberum adjacent to a manual on breaking and training horses, in French not even English so the witticism did not strike me until days later. The training method was horrible and vicious and I was sorry for the poor horses; it did not occur to me then to be sorry for the sailors. And a romance about Alexander on the other side of Grotius."

I am hoping to do some library-reorganizing this summer, but it'll consist of moving all the drama and perhaps other categories to Younger Son's room once he gets his childhood toys packed off the shelves, so as to create some room on the downstairs bookshelves for everything now shelved on the floor, like my entire Reginald Hill collection and half my gardening library. No, there is no such thing as too many books...
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I have posted the ridiculous Cabin Pressure/Lost crossover in which Martin Crieff meets Frank Lapidus in a bar, Because. If you are one of the five people who will read it (a generous estimate), you can find it on AO3:

No, We Only Have Plane

Apparently my Lost fics take place on Christmas. In this case, Martin's second Christmas of the year...
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I really have no desire to learn how to make vids, but on the other hand... well, as I said yesterday I don't do fanmixes, which is not because I can't find songs that are appropriate, but because when I'm into a particular fandom everything seems vaguely appropriate. This is probably why I keep hearing songs and saying "ooh, that would make a great POI vid, if someone else would make it."

I'm not sure why Shearwater keeps coming up in that regard (well, it's probably the birds, but still). I already pointed to Pushing the River (because, for one thing, any song containing the lyrics "Can you see me now?" just screams POI), but also I think You As You Were works extremely well.

And the world goes racing, suddenly changed
As the shock of the axe, it leaves you trembling
Like a bursting shell in the small of your back
Or a job that's hard on the cast of your little lie...

Anyway. Just saying, if anyone ever wanted to. (U2's "New York" is also an interesting possibility. But there are many.)

What I am doing is writing crossovers, since that seems to be the mood I'm in. I love crossovers; sometimes I think they're the best part of fanfic, since how wonderful is it that you can take characters you love from different stories and smoosh them together? And I mind much less if nobody reads crossovers than if nobody reads one-universe fic, in fact it's pleasantly surprising when people do.

So, upcoming, a) the one where Peter Burke goes to Agent Donnelly's funeral and meets a man calling himself Harold Jay, and b) the one where Martin Crieff and Frank Lapidus get drunk together at a bar on Molokai. Nobody's going to read the second one, but I still have to write it; perhaps I'm just dizzied by all the gold braid.
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A few months back [personal profile] isis did a post about her negative reaction to present tense fiction, in which she discusses how despite being supposed by many to be more "immediate," to her present tense is distancing. It's a good post *pause for you to read it* and I understand what she's getting at even though I don't "bounce off" present tense in the same way. I do often feel there's an excess of This Is The Now in fanfic, but as long as something's well written I don't care much what tense it's in, and there are lots of things that will throw me out of a story faster than verbs with s on the end.

However, I'm as prone to navel-gazing as the next writer (you all have figured this out by now) so I do think about tense along with all the other elements of a story (also, being a writer of time travel books gets you noticing it even if you're committed to using standard past tense narrative). Until last year, I wrote almost exclusively in past tense, and when I moved into using present I thought of it as an effect of suddenly writing a lot of visual media fic - that "immediacy" thing. (A lot of other things changed this past year, of course; one could make all kinds of false assumptions about, say, menopause or hyperthryroidism or empty nest syndrome causing present tense to break out. I don't think we need to go there.) Certainly when I'm writing, to choose a totally random example ha, Vorkosigan fic, I'm going to write in past tense, because my style is not wildly different from Lois Bujold's, and to some extent I'm modeling on the books. I can think of a few examples of Vorkosigan things I might choose present tense for - it would be interesting to write Memory fic from Simon's POV that way - but in general I don't consider anything but past tense.

(I'm not sure "consider" is the right word, actually. But more on that later.)

Some published fiction is written in present tense, of course; most of what got me thinking about this last week was finally getting around to reading Bring Up the Bodies by Hilary Mantel, which by the way is just as wonderful as Wolf Hall, and let me tell you, reading about Thomas Cromwell and writing about Ben Linus (even a Ben Linus on the way to reformation, if I may confusingly use that word) is an interesting and strikingly appropriate combination. Oh my. No, I do not want to read the crossover, though I would like to watch the chess game, or listen to the trash talk. Anyway. WH and BUTB are in present tense, which I remember clearly not noticing until well into WH, which tells you how well it works. And I suppose if I were to write Mantel fanfic (there is a vanishingly small chance of this) it would have to be in present, or it wouldn't sound right. The opposite (writing present-tense fic based on something in past tense) is somewhat more likely (for me, I mean; other people do it all the time).

you are reading more )

*The Past, the Present, and the Future, not the Father, Son and Holy Ghost. Thanks again, Ebenezer.
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I slept late today (kept awake late by a mysterious foot cramp, and then rising briefly early to make sure the kid was up to get on a train and a bus, then dead to the rainy world for hours, oh well so much for being back on Eastern time) so I'd better get on with other stuff before nattering about present tense. But I wanted to note that I put up the Lost fic. (I have no idea if I have any Losties on the flist, or anyone who's watched the whole show but is not inclined to self-attach cutesy fan names, but probably someone will read it? People have subscribed to me. Still an odd concept.)

To Make Amends In, 5400 words, post-series on-island, ends and beginnings. The cast list would be a spoiler, as is everything in the story. The title is from "A Christmas Carol," because of Dickens and because of redemption arcs and because it made a weird kind of sense to me partway through.

Enjoy! I did.


May. 23rd, 2013 06:50 am
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hedda62: in other news, you do need to shoot me now
I'm writing Lost fanfic
I watched the finale again last night, and couldn't help myself

penwiper26: what

hedda62: but it will just be the one
she said firmly
and I'll have no time to finish it until getting back from the trip

and of course I can't tell you anything about it
even the character list would be spoilery

penwiper26: heh
I suppose one person it won't have in it is Ben Linus /facetious

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I could perhaps reveal that much

She finds my obsessions amusing. :) And really, talk about foolish, but I'm about a page in and I think it'll be reasonably good, not that anyone's likely to read it.

Today is a silly day in which I rush around getting last-minute stuff done (there is always this "I can't believe I'm getting on a plane tomorrow at oh-god-thirty holy shit" aspect to vacations, somehow), like for example planting tomatoes in two different gardens neither of which is at home. Possibly in the rain.

I may check in but otherwise see you in June.
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I spent this morning's shower explaining season six of "Lost" in terms of the time-realities of my own fictional universe. Crazy thing is, it works. (Given a not-unreasonable theological twist and an exaggerated view of the importance of Jack, oh wait the show had that already.)
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And other emotional expressions of ONE MORE DAY TILL DOOM-ness (I've got Dinah Washington on repeat in my inner ear, blaring out "You took the part that once was my heart, so baby come on back and take the rest of me"). I am saving the rewatch of PoI episodes until post-apocalypse, so when I collapsed in a literally sodden heap yesterday (not from crying; I'm not that badly off. It rained on a garden workday, again, dammit) I rewatched some "Lost," not the part in the subject line, but the end of season three whyever I thought that was a good plan, oh CHARLIE, oh Hurley way to rock the gun on the mantelpiece, oh Ben blood is such a good accessory on you almost as good as Finch's purple scarf and much better than Jack's emo-beard.

I've got a really busy weekend coming up (that starts with driving to PA very early Friday) so you probably won't hear from me again aside from possibly some incoherent whimpering at 10 pm tomorrow. So I thought I'd do another darlings post. I'm determined to keep up with these, egotistical as it may seem, because a) I am a stupid bundle of insecurities about writing and need the reinforcement and b) I continue to want to shoot "murder your darlings" in the kneecaps.

But I will put them under a cut this time. :) Five "Person of Interest" fics since I did this last. What the hell, etc.

grim enthusiasm, middle school, and numbers )

And there you have it. *gets on with other stuff*

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