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[personal profile] eris asks: Who has been your favourite POV to write (in any canon), and why?

Oh dear. *clutches head* I am perennially unable to pick favorites in anything, so this is going to be hedged like a field of hawthorn. I love all my adopted children! (And my self-created children, too, but I'm sticking with fic for this one.)

Naturally I started by making a list (under the cut) of all the POV characters I've used, some of them a lot and some only for a tiny bit, organized by fandom but in no particular order under that, and excluding the few original character POVs I've had, and also anything that got posted on my journal but didn't make it to AO3, because I'm lazy that way.

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So, because I can't pick one, I'm going to pick five in no order of priority. Some of my fics (Children of an Idle Brain, Imperial Bedrooms) have short snippets from different POVs, some of which I enjoyed writing greatly, but I'll cross them off for these purposes because it didn't give me a chance to get to know the characters well enough; some of them are just short fics, so ditto. Which still leaves a really broad field… well, let's see...

And the winners are, with no explanation other than "*smooshes them*":

Laura Hobson, from Lewis

Harold Finch, from Person of Interest

Aral Vorkosigan, Simon Illyan, and Gregor Vorbarra from the Vorkosigan Saga

But, but, but…
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A meme gacked from [personal profile] lamardeuse, first lines from my most recent 21 fics, just because it's so much fun. The first two I'm inventing on the spot (so may very well alter when I actually start writing), and the third's only a few paragraphs written. So ha, let's see how this goes and whether it means anything.

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Need to get organized soon to go downtown for the home and garden show, but just wanted to mention that oh bloody flipping hell I am writing the Cyrano story. I knew my brain would go there as soon as Harold's did, and of course it's horrible and fucked-up and strangely compelling and... charming. It was meant to be a few sketchy scenes and now of course it's a story, and I don't know where it's going (besides the obvious place, I mean). And it's in Reese's POV, which I find much harder than Finch's, because the word and image choices are less natural to me; in this case it's particularly hard to have him be laconic when he's having conniptions over what Finch is asking him to do.

sample of oh-god-why )

So yes, there's that. I am beginning (after eight months of this, heh) to realize that I have acquired the habit of thinking in fic, and it is really not the most practical thing for me to be doing just now, but I guess I'm enjoying the results (both the words and the attention, to be honest). Other things that may or may not get written, that have been sitting in my head or have popped into it recently:

1) Okay, not really serious about the PoI/Groundhog Day crossover, but wouldn't it be intriguing?

2) Make "Sparrow" and "Goshawk" the first legs of a trilogy. I'd love to have Finch meet young Miles (so a couple of years on, at least). What would I call that one - "Penguin"?

3) The post-S7 Dear Stephen sequel. Not much of a hit count there, I suspect, but I'd enjoy it.

4) The story where James is reading "Winnie the Pooh" to Robbie's grandson, with Robbie and Laura watching, except casting everyone in the show as characters in the book. (why my brain why)

5) And yeah, I still have the beginning of "Aral's Conversations" on my hard drive, and I do intend to finish it someday.

And I will no doubt get more PoI ideas as the season gallops to a finish. (That's an ironic gallop, at the moment; I'm sure we'll get there. *waits impatiently*)

I'll try to write more when I get home.
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Still sick. It got very cold and gloomy this week, which didn't help.

On season three of the "West Wing" rewatch, which demonstrates the number of hours I have been too bleh to get anything else done. Also welcomed back "White Collar" this week; very glad to see Peter and Neal... drink whisky and utter platitudes, but still, Peter and Neal!

Very much looking forward to new "Person of Interest" soon. It's been deliciously tense and complex of late, and I anticipate more of the same coming up. For the benefit of anyone still intending to jump into this show, I'm not withdrawing the complaint that it's a bit slow to get started (although, having gone back to rewatch the opening eps, I now see much more in them, but the subtleness of the acting choices doesn't necessarily register at first glance), but it more than makes up for that later on, and the second season has been a flurry of gut-punches in true Reeseian style.

No progress on the "Sparrow" sequel front, though; all the energy I have this week has gone into PowerPointing and garden planning. And there has not been enough of it.

I've watched the first of the new season "Lewis," um, stories (first two episodes, that is), but not the third ep/second story, due to initial Downloading Fail. I'll get to it. I liked the first one, especially the Neck Brace on the Mantelpiece aspect.

And I have decided that instead of watching "Downton Abbey" any longer, I am just going to read the xojane recaps, since that is much more entertaining.

There you have it, my life in visual entertainment and inertia. There will, I hope, be an end to fatigue and snot eventually (so I can get back to complaining about creaky knees).
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So in the end we watched Love Actually again, rather than Downton Abbey, last night. Mostly because it was P's last night at home and he wanted to, and he wasn't caught up on DA (like, having just started the first season).

*favorite Christmas movie ever* Speaking of which, I never did my list of Christmas books, but I don't feel like dragging them all out now (for values of now not meaning "now" but after I get back from driving to Allentown in an hour) and there is always next year. I did read A Mixture of Frailties mostly on the plane, so got my fix.

Having rejoiced in a little wavelet of fannish attention in the last few days (including, out of nowhere, several comments on my otherwise-ignored O'Brian story "The Language of Home," which cheered me as much as the Lewis love) I now need to concentrate on getting some work done, so among other things I will probably stop reading the Lewis comms temporarily as I don't see getting around to watching (by whatever devious means) the new eps immediately (though if my iron nerve breaks, you'll know).

Okay, must run now. Try not to disturb the eels.


Jan. 5th, 2013 10:09 am
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The Lewis Secret Santa reveals are up, here. My lovely gift fic was written by [livejournal.com profile] garonne; there are a number of other lovely fics in the list; and to the surprise of no one here I wrote The End of All Our Exploring.

It was all great fun and an extremely well-run, drama-free exchange. Yay Lewis fandom!

In a few minutes I am going to post an absurdly long explication of my year in fic. Read at your leisure (by which I mean, make sure you are seated comfortably and have some sustaining food available oh my god).

Meanwhile I am still working on the "Sparrow" sequel and have just started on [personal profile] philomytha's prompt, which has turned into the long-threatened Gregor/Ekaterin fic (though, with a year's distance, far less melodramatically than it would have then).
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PSA: these posts seem to be mostly cross-posting to LJ fine, but I cannot currently respond to comments there, so if you've commented there I'm not ignoring you (I think this is just [personal profile] kivrin - thanks for the kind words!). Seems to be resolved now!

Here's a thing that turned into a longer thing than I thought it would (and what else is new), for [personal profile] eight_of_cups: two days after "And Love Itself Have Rest."

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The Last of the Songfics!

For [personal profile] ailis_fictive, who asked for something Lewis and whimsical, and picked song #8, which was Bob Dylan's I Want You. Which means this nearly wrote itself.


Robbie Lewis strolled back into the office he shared with Hathaway and put the cup of coffee down on his sergeant's desk. A pale hand reached out, vaguely searching; with a sympathetic chuckle, he pushed the cup into the curve of the fingers.

"Any luck?" he said.

Hathaway brought the coffee to his mouth, apparently with some difficulty in getting the hole in the lid lined up with the hole in his face, and took a sip with the kind of desperate drug-seeking passion that implied he would have drained the whole thing if it hadn't been about a million degrees Celsius. Then he shook his head.

"How did you stand the sixties?" he said.

"Ah well," said Lewis, "once in a while one of us would hitch up the camel and forage for beans in the Arabian desert, and then we'd grind them by hand--"

"No. What?" Hathaway shook his head again as if it might lend Lewis's words some sense. "I meant--"

"I know what you meant; just taking the piss. Not getting on well with Dylan, then?"

"I'm up to the cracked bells and washed-out horns. No apparent association with anyone or anything in Wyatt's life. Profound and whimsical poetry it may be, but not worth a lot as clues."

Very early that morning they'd been handed the murder of Jeffrey Wyatt, a visiting American scholar who'd just given a lecture on the works of one Robert Allen Zimmerman, otherwise known as Bob Dylan. So far their only lead was a piece of paper clutched in the dead man's hand with the words "the guilty undertaker" scrawled on it. Unfortunately, no undertakers had been discovered among Wyatt's associates, nor anyone with a name like Sexton or Gotobed or Diggory or Morticia. A quick Google had provided the origin of the quote, and Hathaway had begun excavating the song. He didn't look like he'd stopped since.

"Well, I'll give you that Dylan can be dense enough to plug drains. They had plenty of music that wasn't, at that time, when I was a little young for clubs and concerts as yet, by the way. Baby, you and me, we've got a groovy kind of love, that sort of thing. Got to get you into my life. No lonesome organ grinders there. And you should talk."

"Most of what I play doesn't have words. Or they're in Middle English or medieval Latin. With occasional forays into Japanese commercial jingles. And most of what I listen to uses straightforward English phrases that form a cohesive narrative or express an easily deduced emotional state."

"Yeah, and speaking of which, I deduce that you need to get outside into the fresh air and clear your head. Even if you're planning to pollute the atmosphere while you're at it."

"Let me just finish the verse." Hathaway addressed himself to the paper again. "'Cracked bells and washed-out horns, blow into my face with scorn' -- no horn players in the vicinity, no scornful women named Belle, no one who's visited Philadelphia lately, no laundries -- any other suggestions? -- 'but it's not that way, I wasn't born to lose you.'" He glanced up, reading from the paper with a dramatic emphasis worthy of Shakespeare. "'I want you, I want you, I want you so bad; honey I want you.' Anything there, you think, sir?"

Except that looking at you makes me feel about eighty, no. "I think you need to finish your coffee and go out for a walk," Lewis said gently. "And I'll get onto the drunken politicians until you get back."
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Fics will start going up today, see here for details. Posting will happen all the way through Jan. 1, reveals after that. So, a long time to keep quiet; please PM me if you guess mine and want to say anything. I will put it up on AO3 after my authorship is revealed.

Okay, packing really needs to happen now...
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We have been to the panto! Which is not something you get to say often in this country, and in fact I had never been to one before, but it turns out that there is a company of British Players (one of J's co-workers belongs to it, not British himself though many of them are, he played the villain, boo, hiss) who do one every year, and it was great fun.

Lewis Secret Santa posting has been delayed a few days while people get their assignments in (I can sit here and feel virtuous for having mine done early). Stories will probably start going up Wednesday or Thursday; I will try to post a link but am going to be traveling so that may be delayed. It's anonymous until the reveal, so no too-public guessing, but I suspect it's going to be painfully obvious which one is mine.

I will keep working on the songfics. Here is [livejournal.com profile] yunitsa's, under a cut because she hasn't seen the latest episode yet and I don't want to spoil the Moment of Finchly Delight.

She wanted Finch/Reese, #7, which was Paul McCartney, Driving Rain. (Set unrealistically soon after the episode ends, in an alternate universe and weather pattern.)

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Which I have, so apart from a few things I must get done it is all tea and reading The Wood Beyond (which is The One Where Reginald Hill suddenly (though ever-justifiably) became incensed by the injustices of the First World War, and there are about twenty ridiculous coincidences in the plot but it's still just wonderful and oh, Peter. Both of them).

Text exchange with son yesterday involving pictures of snow (him) and accusations of cold-giving (me) and then him: "Oh good. It's organic and fair trade and I knew you would love it." Clever-clogs snarky git. *hugs*

Speaking of which, I finished the Lewis story and it is off to beta. (So I may sit Aral and Ekaterin down for a chat today, yes. Depends on how good the tea is.) I did manage (is this thing on? Trying not to broadcast) to sneak a sex scene in, one which (unusually for me) I'm uncertain about the rating for, though I think R/M is sufficient (well, for first anon posting I suppose the mods will decide). The choice does seem to vary a bit by fandom as well as by individual preference, the number and type of words, and the body parts mentioned. (Relatively conservative, a few passionate but not terribly specific paragraphs, two of the most obvious.) I am not good at writing, posting, or commenting on the truly explicit, and tend to roll my eyes a bit at fictional anatomy lessons, though I will excuse a lot if there's good dialogue attached.

Surprisingly though not surprisingly, then, when I think over favorite stories of this year-that-is-not-over-yet, one that's consistently near or at the top is [personal profile] philomytha's First Aid (which is rated E though in some fandoms-not-Vorkosigan it might only be M, because really, not that detailed, nor does it need to be. I did leave a comment rather than cravenly hit "kudos."). The summary is "After Escobar, Simon tries to hold on to Aral" and there is a fair amount of literal and lovely holding-on and doing-things-to, but the core is all gut-wrenching love and loyalty and loss, which is why the sex works so well, not because they are hawt!!1! together (though. they are). Anyone can write the story where repressed people hold back and deny themselves and then finally give in and bang!wow (I have. Recently. Several times) but it takes a brave writer, in the fic world especially, to give us the pairing that isn't going to go anywhere, that we are in fact strongly invested against because another one trumps it, and yet make us feel oh, damn, why can't it work? It also takes a good set-up, preferably a canonical one, and a receptive audience, both of which exist in this fandom. (I'd try it, in Lewis, but I have a feeling I'd get drawn and quartered, or at least drowned in disappointed looks. Seriously, try writing second-season-out-of-six depressed-Hathaway-not-yet-saved-by-Lewis's-love and watch the comments you get. And then imagine writing it in season six.)*

I just have Doomed Love in my neurologic pathways, that's all. At least I can exercise it in original fiction *glooms*. (And, okay, in "L'oiseau qui vole," which is probably why it's my favorite of my own stories this year.)

ETA: Oh, and hurray and ha! Someone just did.
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Soon, the serious post about the novels and publishing decisions and so forth. For now, the writing brain is still buzzing with "oh, Mr. Finch" and "oh, Sergeant Hathaway" and "oh, Aral I-mean-Viceroy-Count-Admiral" (none of which, by the way, sound like "oh, Mr. Darcy," at least in the sense of swooniness. They are all rather exasperated and empathetic and amused and okay, the Aral one is a little swoony, but not in a wet-poet-shirt sort of way. Yes?). Which, okay, means there will be more fic, though I can't promise anything except the Lewis one since I am contracted to do that (and have made a pretty good start), but I can't talk about that one because it is Secret.

Other things I may write in the future:

The most probable is the one that [livejournal.com profile] penwiper26 gave me the impetus for by asking quite a while ago for the first private conversation between Aral and Ekaterin, and then added a bunny recently about Aral and Tej, and I thought, well, let's extend that to Laisa and Kareen while we're at it, and throw in Alys for good measure. So, what I will hope to write is Five Conversations Aral Had With Daughters-In-Law and Um-Daughters-In-Law and Alys-Who-Is-Decidedly-Not-A-Daughter-In-Law-But. And I mention it here because I had thought, give it to L. for her birthday! but here it is past mid-November and no. That will not happen. Hopefully it will happen before her next birthday.

Also, these:

The one where Harold Finch is the Fisher King (kingfisher, geddit?) and no, I have no clue how but it's a cool idea, yes?

The sequel to "Sparrow" where Harold and Simon have a Serious Talk about machines and bodies and spying and stuff. I would have to make up some sort of plot for this, at least as backstory. But still, this is more likely than the others to actually happen.

The Lewis/Sherlock crossover where Sherlock comes to Oxford during his hiatus and falls into the middle of an investigation in which Philip Horton reappears as the star witness, and there is interesting stuff about Asperger's and some sort of tug-of-war over Philip between Sherlock and Hathaway. This would, clearly, also involve plot. And research.

Or, quite possibly, none of the above.

In other news, I meant to wait for Christmas to reread Dialogues of the Dead and Death's Jest-Book but I failed to do so (I must, however, remember to post my very strange list of Christmas books at the appropriate time). Oh, Reginald Hill. RIP and I still adore you. Ah, and if we are proposing strange-but-not-impossible crossovers:

The one where Franny Roote meets Root, and sociopathic underhanded mayhem ensues. Bad code, indeed. (But seriously, no one but me would read that. Unless I can convince some of you to read Reginald Hill. And watch PoI. C'mon... *holds out candy*)
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So here's a question for the fic writers, in the Writers Are Egotistical What A Surprise department.

If you had the chance to give one of your stories to a source creator (which is by way of saying book author, or writer/actor/director/producer/whatever in visual media) to read, which one would you choose? You are allowed to resurrect people from the dead for these purposes; you're also allowed to say no thanks.

I am uncomfortable myself with the idea of doing this with visual media fics, possibly because as implied creative responsibility is so fractured and also because I feel at more of a distance. I mean, I get book authors. I get actors, too, but the idea of handing Laurence Fox a copy of "And Love Itself Have Rest" freaks me out no end; Clare Holman and "Dear Stephen," maybe, but she probably doesn't care a fig for Patrick O'Brian in real life.

So I think we're looking at the Vorkosiverse here, not surprisingly. I actually had a second-hand report ten years ago that Lois Bujold had read one or more of my Snape crossovers, and had positive things to say, but I can't verify that. I do know that she read my essay on plants and gardening, and mentioned it on her blog (IIRC she said it was "nice in all the meanings of the word" or something similar).

So that's one of the reasons I'd point her to "The Emperor's Garden." Other reasons: It's good. :) I'm proud of how it turned out; the prose is accomplished; the story is coherent; it's constructed interestingly (being a fic about Ekaterin that never uses her POV); it has lots of characters in it, including minor ones (Tsipis!), and I think they are all in character; it's got funny bits and touching bits and long and lyrical bits. It's very me. It has one of the highest hit counts of all my fics, and the highest kudos count, despite being a story about garden design. It does not have sex in it, aside from Miles kissing Ekaterin's neck, so no squirming while wondering if the author thinks I'm debauching her sloth beloved creations. I would not be embarrassed if she read "Imperial Bedrooms," or even "L'oiseau qui vole," but I wouldn't want to know ahead of time. Also, it is set post-canon (I believe she's said she won't write anything chronologically past Cryoburn) and therefore is more or less legally safe, although for the purposes of this question I'm waiving that requirement. But I think that might help make the exercise easier for both of us, as long as reading something where Aral's dead isn't overwhelmingly uncomfortable.

So that's my choice, for this extremely hypothetical situation. :) Anyone else want to chime in with choices from their own oeuvre?
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So, that makes thirteen fics, now, in a little over three months. Since I write fanfic in spurts (or dribbles, or in this case alarming cascades) it's somewhat easy to pick out trends. Last year's Gregor Vorbarra Is The New Black was a really obvious one. This year I could call The Year Of Original Characters, not so much in the first lot (although the Antoniettis in "Rich and Strange" were an interesting bunch, and I am definitely the ficcer of minor canon characters for "Lewis" (I still need to write that Philip Horton fic)) but "Further Up and Further In," which was by definition full of OCs, seemed to release whatever inhibitions I have against tossing non-canon voices into the Vorkosiverse. (I think I had one, last year. Of course, an OC who tries to seize the throne is pretty significant.)

One could also call it The Year Of Getting Simon Illyan Laid, of course. Or, The Year Of Getting Simon Illyan Laid Using Original Characters.

I'll be getting a Lewis Secret Santa assignment soon, and I'm not ruling out more Vorkosigan fic, though I really do have other things to do. Are we doing Winterfair this year?

I don't think I'll be writing "Person of Interest" fic, not least because when we barrel through to the end of season one this week there will be no way to watch season two (legally. Which doesn't mean I won't manage it. But I wish all the networks would just get with the program and realize how people are watching TV these days). Yes, [livejournal.com profile] yunitsa and I did have the little exchange:

[livejournal.com profile] yunitsa: Yay, Mr. Finch :) I suspect he'd fit in quite well in the Vorkosiverse, being damaged and prickly, though the surveillance stuff would have to be slightly different. If anyone could write that crossover it's you :D

[livejournal.com profile] hedda62: I can see Finch being installed somewhere in the bowels of HQ and surveilling to his heart's content, and it's only when Simon catches on much later that he realizes Finch is controlling his own little empire. NOT GOING TO WRITE IT.

[livejournal.com profile] yunitsa: And Reese is an ex-armsman for some corrupt Count, maybe, whom he's illegally recruited to do his legwork. SURE YOU'RE NOT.

But since she's the only one who would read it, I really am not going to. She's written some lovely fic, much of it using Reese's POV, which led me to say that I thought Reese was a better character for text than for TV (not least because Jim Caviezel, while decorative, is not exactly the world's most expressive actor, especially when playing such a buttoned-up personality. Rather than, say, while being tortured on a crucifix).

They are both impressively buttoned-up, in fact. I'd said, earlier in my viewing (the show takes a while to get going, so if anyone does decide to watch it, hold on till mid-season) that I couldn't help comparing it unfavorably to "White Collar" - not that the plots are that similar except in the Together They Fight Crime sense, but they are both clearly meant as bromance - because WC has two great advantages: one, that Peter and Neal already have a relationship (adversarial but admiring) before the show starts, and two, that they are both extroverts. Finch and Reese are both SOOOO introverted, to the degree that they tend to suck heat and light out of rooms they're in (but it burns inside, baby). Okay, so Lewis and Hathaway are both introverts, too, though Lewis is (what I aspire to on my best days) an outgoing introvert. But they both like to talk, at least, and it's not all business. (Finch and Reese do have partners in Fighting Crime who balance their nonexpressiveness. I love Carter; she's wonderful. And Fusco's not bad, either.)

Yes, okay, I am pretty good (witness Simon and Gregor) at writing fic about characters whose self-expression is mostly internal. But no. Not this time. Decidedly not.

Oh, Mr. Finch. Bird names! You do know where my heart lives, don't you.


Oct. 4th, 2012 08:12 am
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Since I suspect that my fic-writing streak is over for the moment, unless another tale seizes me with the urgency of "Thirty" (or, God forbid, the head-over-heels lunatic passion of "L'oiseau qui vole"), it's a good time to do this now. First try at a personal meme I should have been doing all along.

Probably a lot of us have favorite lines in stories. Sometimes you know it when you write the thing and sometimes it's only in retrospect. To some extent, these are the sort of "darlings" that conventional writing wisdom orders us to excise. Not a bit of advice I believe in, by the way, not least because it's so incredibly vague, but in any case I think the intent of that excision is to get rid of what we've written consciously to please other people, and the lines I'm talking about need please only ourselves. (And yeah, you can write a self-pleasing line that's bad or pointless or incomprehensible to anyone not you. I'm not saying don't edit.)

Some of these lines make me laugh when I read them over, and some make my heart do a little jump, and some do both, and some are just fun or intellectually pleasing. I don't have favorite lines for all stories; I'm quite fond of "Further Up and Further In," for example, but no one line leaps out at me as special.

But here's what I've got (for the recent "Lewis," "Sherlock," and Vorkosiverse fics all at my AO3 page for the finding). Nothing here is spoilery.

"Lewis" first. Nothing from "No Time for Sergeants," and nothing from "Dear Stephen" (I am quite taken with "You have debauched my Piglet" but it's 80% Patrick O'Brian so doesn't count).

"Da Segno al Coda" has a lot of nice stuff in it, I think, but my personal favorite line is: "Though I recited Morse one hundred percent less poetry." I'm not sure it makes mathematical sense, but it is incredibly Robbie.

"Rich and Strange" I am modestly quite proud of, and I could pick out lots of lines. For some reason the one that tickled me most while I was writing it and continues to do so is: He thumbed out a quick, likely misspelled text to Lewis, which felt more like We who are about to die salute you than anything he would have really wanted to say, and ran. This is entirely due to the notion of Hathaway being concerned, in the middle of what does turn out to be a life-threatening emergency, that he might not be using correct spelling.

In "And Love Itself Have Rest" I do really like multiple snippets from Hathaway's internal monologue, but they make no sense out of context, and anyway I have to go with this: The trouble with warding off grief and remorse by means of industry was that he solved the case all too soon, through perseverance and logic and damnable luck: a thinking machine burrowing into the soft heart of malfeasance like a monstrous drill. Sometimes I just have to show off, and I heart Hathaway for allowing me to do so. *hugs*

On to the pair of "Sherlock" stories. "Improbability" is a style exercise as well as an exploration of psychology; it's full of nice bits, but my favorite sentence hands down is: When he looks up again he's outside Barts, watching a dark bird swoop down out of the sky into ruin. I think it may be the best sentence I've written all year.

"The Cat Did Nothing in the Night-Time" is quite different in tone, but my favorite sentence in it is a harkening back to the imagery of the other story: In another lifetime, in no time at all, he realizes that it's not an echo; it's the shout across the valley that starts it all, the end and the beginning and all the heartbreaks in between. Although the list of ways Sherlock is like a cat is rather a triumph too.

Of the Vorkosiverse stories only two produced a favorite line for me. "L'oiseau qui vole" is probably my favorite story of this... long productive whatever that's been happening to me. And, although I am very fond of the line about the bird holding still, my absolute favorite two sentences are: Then he wanted to scream, but of course he didn't, merely let out one heartfelt "Shit" and started throwing office supplies into Duval's box. Half of them were ImpSec property and had to be patiently removed by Duval's gentle hands. It's the visual, of course, with the emotional backing; it is how Simon Illyan deals with having his heart torn out and stamped on. And oh, I did use the word "gentle" quite a few times in this fic, didn't I? Interesting. A contrast to just about everything else that's going on, I suppose.

And from "Thirty": "If there are horse bars in there, I'm throwing you in the lake," Mark said. Just because I love Mark, and I had missed writing him more than I knew.

And that's it. I would be thrilled if anyone else wants to do this.
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And we are. The latest wonderful entries being Raven's the winter here is cold, and bitter, a gorgeous spy tale set in the Vorkosigan Regency, and Philomytha's Uncle Simon, a delightful history of Simon and his nephew/son/friend/grey-hair-creator Miles ('ware CVA spoilers, though).

My new fic-in-progress "Thirty" has Simon in it, or will when I get to that part, but it's about a bunch of other characters as well, all having their thirtieth birthdays. I am still working on the first section (Mark) and since I'm in the early part of a busy couple of weeks I don't know when it will be done. But I'll get there. I just have to look a bunch of things up, and decide if I end with Piotr or if the tale loops forward again from him, and put words together. Oh, and stop Miles from stage-managing the whole thing (luckily he will find that hard to do once I start writing things set before his birth).

When too tired to write, I am enjoying reading the new Laurie R. King book and showing J. the "Lewis" eps in totally random order. And chatting with L. about the ones she's watching, in order. Yes, L., I will finish the "Life Born of Fire" essay. At some point in the future.


Sep. 8th, 2012 12:02 pm
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I have posted ten fics in less than two months, for a total of 54,617 words.* (Not counting the Snapefic, since I wrote that long ago.) This is extraordinary. This is not what I do, and yet.

(This is taking avoidance to absurd levels, George says in my head. Well, yes. Perhaps I will post the first chapter of Time for Tea on AO3, as an incentive to work on getting published. And to stop the mutters and maledictions about Simon Illyan and James Hathaway. Shut up, kiddo; I still love you best.)

(Parenthetically speaking, along with the other id-junk that fanfic allows me to indulge in, I note that I am still fascinated by 29-and-30-year-olds. Not that I don't enjoy writing about people of many other ages that I don't have two decades on, but there is that pull, witness George in TFT and Olivia in the next two books, and how much I adore Miles in Memory, and quite a few other examples. My personal fanon says that Hathaway turns 30 about the time of "The Great and the Good," and that Simon's 30th is completely overshadowed by the crises of the Pretendership. [personal profile] raven says it very well in Hold, or has Cordelia say it, comparing 30-year-old Simon to five-year-old Gregor: "The fierce growth is over. Now the pause to regroup, now the long haul." That's what draws me, I think. Not that everyone's not on their own schedule.)

I am also hugging the Vorkosiverse (and its attached fandom) tightly to me and committing sins of darkness with it, because I am BACK, baby. (Still loving "Lewis" too! Will write more at some point!) And despite avoiding them for ages, I love promptfests, because where else would I get such wacky and wonderful story ideas? Both of the prompts I wrote for this time (more may happen. Possibly. But not by the deadline) made me laugh out loud when I saw them, and turned into things lengthy and wistful, which is how I work best. And I love the expansiveness of the universe we have to play with: hundreds of years and an entire galaxy, really, not that I've ventured out of canon chronology (or its immediate aftermath) much, or off of Barrayar. I have actually wrapped myself pretty firmly around the Residence and the cemetery at Vorkosigan Surleau, which are not bad places to be anchored while gazing up at the stars.

I just really want to write about everybody in the Vorkosiverse. If only I had the time.

*ETA: what's funny about that is, "Trust Issues" is 617 words, so without that one I would have exactly 54K.
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1) I had a White Collar dream last night. Actually, it was more like something I was writing than something I was living, and I woke up knowing it would make an excellent and witty fic, but of course I can remember none of it now. It had Sara and Peter and Neal, that's all I know. Oh well; don't need anything else to write anyway.

2) The Betans are in beta! Oh ha. I'm not very satisfied, but perhaps penwiper26 can work her magic and tell me what I'm doing wrong. Will try to post by early next week. I'm going to look at the other prompts and see if there's anything I can write without torturing myself, but I do have to say that George's telegrams are acquiring an urgent edge, and it is almost September.

3) Other people's fic! I had a wonderful time the other night reading radio_silent's The Watchman, which is a delightful Sherlock/Doctor Who crossover featuring a spot-on Eleven and lots of timey-wimeyness. Also enjoyed Lewis fics As Holy Palmers Kiss by ariadnes_string, lovely hot and slightly kinky Lewis/Hathaway, and Mastermind by Lindenharp, Hathaway reluctantly joins in on a pub quiz. And do read the wonderful Vorkosigan fic coming out for the ficathon, as well. :)
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Okay, I have a Betan Survey captain who's allergic to Beta, a Pilot Officer who's in love with wormholes, an exobiologist in love with the Pilot Officer, and a hermaphrodite engineer who thinks it's Dorothy Parker. And Tumnus the Faun. Now all I have to do is write the thing.

I also have a John/Sherlock + cat sequel to "Improbability" yanking at me, along with a plot bunny for a Lewis/Sherlock crossover (not going to call it Lewlock, you can't make me), an essay about "Life Born of Fire," some thoughts about writing tics, and a rediscovered old fic to edit. And George is constantly whining at me to leave all these other people alone and get back to work on him (I wonder why the others elect George to do the nagging, and then I think about it and stop wondering). Darling boy, I am building you an audience.

First, though, I have a kid going off to college tomorrow who needs help packing, and a lot of seedlings to transplant. So that's me settled.

"This wasn't just plain terrible, this was fancy terrible. This was terrible with raisins in it."

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