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I had a dream early this morning about my dog Hal who died in 2007. I was sitting in bed, hugging him, and… tactile memory is an amazing thing, because it was the exact sensation of feeling that furry barrel chest under my arms and fingers. (I was in a bad car accident in a dream earlier in the night, but that was entirely made of intense visuals derived from TV.) Since I knew Hal was a dream, I rolled off the bed to wake myself up, and was still holding him, and asked P, who'd just come in, if he could see the dog (this is derived from Lost, no doubt), and he said yeah, sure, but then I realized it was 12-year-old him with an elementary-school sweatshirt on and long hair, so definitely a dream. And then I woke myself up and was in bed hugging my husband, but that was a dream too. It took two more tries to actually come awake.

In other news, I did about five sessions yesterday with the "personal steamer" I'd forgotten we had, and am feeling much better around the sinuses. I feel utterly ridiculous sticking my face in the thing, but it works. A few more times today and I might clear the nagging little obstruction that's left.

Still enormous amounts of space left in the posting meme, if you have any interest in watching me natter on about things.

ETA: Did a post yesterday at my author blog about categories and genres and how they relate to Time for Tea. I have no idea if anyone will read these posts, but it's nice to have a space to write about my own writing in. Also soon I will likely post Bernard's art gallery and stuff about tea.
hedda62: my cat asleep (Default)
So this morning my cat woke me up at five asking for food. (My alarm is set for 5:10 on weekdays, and I feed him by 5:40, so I can hardly blame him, except that he seldom wakes me pre-alarm when it's actually set. I think he KNOWS.) I got up, gave him some food, and went back to bed. Then I got up, let him out, and went back to bed. Then I heard him meowing loudly, thought he must want to come in, and got up to find that he was already in. Since I am alone in the house this weekend, this caused brief panic, until I remembered that while I'd been letting him out I'd been talking to my son, who is in South Carolina, and realized that letting the cat out had been a dream. It's the boring ones that get you.

I fed the cat more, went back to bed, dreamed about someone walking into my bedroom (wearing a nightgown, oddly), woke up and let the cat out, probably dreamed about something else mundane (I recall an earwig) and then let the cat in, slept a little more while the cat slept on my bed, and then got up at 7:30. I am hoping not to be fooled by anything today.

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