Aug. 13th, 2014

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Shoulder problem turns out to be a pinched nerve, which was made pretty obvious on Friday when I woke up with most of the fingers on my left hand numb (they still are) but confirmed by the PA at the GP's office today. Have a bottle of muscle relaxants to go with the naproxen I'm already taking; at the very least, I'll sleep well. Pain has been bearable (I am too used to pain, really) but tingly fingers are annoying and a bit scary and make me feel asleep all over somehow, so I'm hoping something works; I have a PT prescription too if I need that. For this week at least, no Jazzercise, no walks (arm by my side, especially swinging, is the worst); I feel like a slug, but I've gone through all of Time Goes By again for final edits, and have some book reviews to do and other stuff like that. And ten pages of shoulder therapy exercises.

Bummed beyond measure about losing Robin Williams and Lauren Bacall in the same week (also waiting for the third one; they come in threes). She had a long life, and could make jokes about how much Bogie there'd be in her obituary; his wasn't nearly long enough, and I keep thinking that his illness would have prevented him from realizing what an outpouring of love and regret there'd be when he was gone. It sucks tremendously.

Currently reading a murder mystery with San Francisco character studies by Isabel Allende (Ripper), which I'm enjoying but in a way that I suspect will tug me back in the direction of formulaic genre when I'm done. Unless everything ties up neatly by the end, but I doubt it will. Also read Dominion by C.J. Sansom, which is a brick of a book in the Britain-capitulates-WWII-alternate-history category; the history (it's set in 1952) is very well thought out but the plot left a bit to be desired (someone who'd checked it out before me had written "WHY" in the margins in a few places, and I tend to agree). Also it was a large thing to hold up with tingly fingers. Next I probably need to read the African-American section in A People's History of the American Revolution (for Reasons).

There seems to be no other news my muzzy brain can think of, except that I must go drown many nasty beetles tomorrow before they can further devour my beans. Which are not in a hill.

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