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1) Three more inches of snow yesterday, and today it's cold and windy and whipping around white, but this is it, really. Somewhere out there a daffodil is blooming.

2) POI just average last night (I think; I was sleepy) but end of season still looks good (the finale is called "Deus ex Machina," yes they are going there). I am a bit concerned about Bear's self-discipline.

3) Also caught up on The Good Wife (for which I was spoiled, but still, a shocker) and Hannibal (less of one, and isn't that interesting?). And watching Elementary season one in downtime (rewatching, but since I fell asleep during every single episode the first time, defining it as such is debatable).

4) Up to The Ringed Castle in my Lymond reread. Funny how little I recall in detail from first read however many years ago that was, though general tone sticks very well. This one, recollected: a fair amount of bad weather, speculations on illegitimacy, and things that begin with L. On rediscovery: surprising amounts of politics and relevance to today's news. And an eagle.

5) Aside from that, it's all a blur of garden plans and powerpoints and seeds and formatting I really should get to and worrying about adult children's schedules. And taxes. (I have netted over $200 on the book so far, but all paid (or to be paid) in 2014 so nothing to be done about that at present. Except think more about marketing.)

6) I did join Pinterest, but have done very little about it so far except stick a whole bunch of Time for Tea-related images on a board. It's a mishmash of portraits and costumes and pistols and scenery and Japanese tea ceremony et cetera, and needs to be organized at some point. But I am intrigued by the idea of wrapping subject matter around imagery.

7) Have taken to spending some time each day working while standing. Looking forward to getting back to long walks when it's a touch warmer. Hope to be plotting Book Five while walking, this summer.

Date: 2014-03-26 05:09 pm (UTC)From: [personal profile] giandujakiss
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Yeah, I wasn't crazy about POI either. It felt preachy and the humorous "quips" during the action scenes were incredibly forced. Also, I'm starting to cringe at the awkwardness of Harold explaining the number in the opening scenes - lately, he's been doing it while the investigation is in progress, so you're left going - "Why don't they already know this?"

OTOH, I really liked that they made Sarah Shahi's Iranian heritage canon.

Date: 2014-03-26 07:41 pm (UTC)From: [personal profile] philomytha
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I'll join you in life being a bit of a blur! I keep having to stop and work out what day it is because they're all sort of running together. Now I understand why I don't really have any memories of Philomythulus from 1 to 2: it's because you're so busy running at 90mph that you don't really lay down memories. I swear Cub finds a new way to potentially kill himself every 5 minutes.

Looking forward to watching more Good Wife and PoI, someday. Right now I intend to celebrate posting off the &*%&!"% tax return by watching some Castle after the offspring are asleep.

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