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I went for a walk first thing this morning (about 7 am) and saved shower, coffee, breakfast, and computer for afterwards, and will try to make that the pattern for the spring and summer. Walking or gardening, because oh my god I have so much outdoor work to do, and who knows how long spring will last.

On the book front, I need to waste some of this week's lovely weather forcing myself to get the TAF cover done, so I can order a proof. I did get the last formatting bits done while it was raining (and really I need to write down the steps to make the page numbers start at Chapter One in Word for Mac, because the help file is unnecessarily confusing and I always spend way too much time trying to follow instructions that don't make sense). Note for today: fix the paragraph I discovered where "apparently" occurs twice, and then stop worrying that there are more of those.

One lovely day this weekend disappeared to a drive to Allentown, to watch our son performing in drag (he was the Bearded Lady in a play about a circus, and he was fabulous. Little red number I could never have carried off, and four-inch heels. It's hard to learn to walk from the hips, though).

I finished Checkmate, and so have gotten through all the Lymond books twice, and of course I have Thoughts, but they are too scattered to cohere just now. The gist, though:

1) Most of the plot elements really are quite compelling if you pay sufficient sustained attention, but there are still places I don't know WTF is going on, and I think that's okay, because surface understanding still provides a thematic through-line. If I read them again I'll get the Companion(s).

2) It would be worth making detailed notes on POV choices, but naturally I didn't do that. But there are implications to hardly ever letting your hero dictate the narrative. Which quite possibly relate to the chess metaphor: another aspect it would be worth making notes on. But also to the way not talking about things directs the plot.

3) Archie is my favorite. Because obviously, second to gardeners I like elephant-keepers.

4) Wow, Marthe's advice to Philippa is incredibly problematic.

5) I think Austin Grey is unfairly twisted by plot purposes, but I'm not sure.

But on to other things, and I'll let all this mull itself over in the back of my head.

Date: 2014-04-09 07:50 pm (UTC)From: [personal profile] bloomingpol
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I thought the bearded lady was Patrick, but wasn't quite sure! Really wild and interesting stuff. I still marvel that he lets his grandmother see his Facebook Page. Such a very charming young man.

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