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I had a horrible bout of insomnia last night, and after tossing and turning for a long while ended up rereading The Sherwood Ring by Elizabeth Marie Pope, which is the kind of long-familiar book I turn to in that sort of situation, until 3 a.m. (and then getting up at 6:30). I'd been thinking about TSR recently, since I'm revisiting the Benedict Arnold-John Andre tale as part of researching Book Five, and TSR is set in the same time and place and mentions both of them - anyway, it has to end up on any list of "books that have influenced me," because I'm sure it fueled much of my early interest in the Revolutionary War period (that I'm now following up on) and also provides some rummaging material for my box of character traits. I had a huge crush on Peaceable Sherwood as a teenager, though it's telling that his attributes (especially the "leaning on things and making dry remarks" sort) show up in Richard Halsey more than any of my other characters. But the whole crew of them are tremendous fun, and I think the research is pretty good, though I haven't checked its accuracy. And it has that nice balance of romance/historical fiction where things actually happen, if all fairly simplistic (but it's a young adult novel written in the 1950s, so what do you expect).

I do hope I can sleep tonight. Right now I am pretty much at the "words what are they I cannot word" stage, so I don't think much else is getting done today, but I have done my lead-gardener-thing and also voted, so can probably crash for a bit (in the "rewatching Sleepy Hollow" sense, speaking of less credible but equally fun Revolutionary War-related entertainment). I expect a person more awake than I am currently could manage a TSR/SH crossover. Among the many other things that person could accomplish.

ETA: Speaking of young adult novels, this, LOL.

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